Carbon Ranching Ranch Hand Needed

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Cabin Creek Ranch

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near Billings, MT
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Full Time
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November 9, 2016

All phases of ranch work will be performed as well as project plan and implementation of Carbon Ranching best practices. The Carbon Ranching Ranch Hand will lead the efforts to assess, design and implement sustainability projects for Cabin Creek Ranch and then monitor these projects, adjust the processes as needed and measure the effectiveness. The focus will be on continuous improvements on the Ranch.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Perform regular ranching duties such as: fencing, irrigation, moving cattle, operating farm machinery, etc.
• Support Ranch Manager in maintaining weed control.
• Support Ranch Manager is continuous improvement of facilities and land.
• Work with the Ranch Manager and Land Owner to determine land area focus.
• Retain up-to-date soil maps and aerial photography.
• Assess opportunities and challenges to the land area.
• Recommend and implement changes to improve processes and reduce cost.
• Design a plan to for projects for sustainability.
• Focus on sequestration of CO2.
• Implement sustainability projects and measure their effectiveness.
• Work cooperatively with conservation groups on programs or activities that affect the ranch.
• Interact with local representatives of agencies who can provide resources and knowledge such as: NRCS, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service.
• Assess areas within fields or pastures where soils appear to be limiting productivity or grazing.
• Evaluate soil characteristics as needed.
• Mitigate soil erosion and barren soil areas.
• Assess any significant changes in the water quality, properties of ponds, reservoirs and streams.
• Assess the plant communities and propose potential plant communicates for rangeland units on the ranch.
• Assess the acres for any infestation of invasive species.
• Integrate best management practices in minimize adverse implant of plant species on the ranch.
• Monitor and/or increase abundance and distribution of key plant species for forage or ground cover or that are sensitive to livestock management.


B.S. degree in Environmental Science or related field.
Education centered on sustainability.
5+ years of working, preferably in a ranching environment.
Certification in pesticides a plus, will be required learning if the candidate does not have certification.
Project management skills.
Good listening and communication skills.
A self-starter with resourceful thinking.
Safety focused.


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