Couple needed to Manage Homes on large South Texas Ranch

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Private South Texas Ranch

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Beeville, TX
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Full Time
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January 18, 2020
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2-5 yrs

Seeking Power Couple to Manage Homes on large South Texas Ranch.

We are looking for a wonderful and reliable, motivated Manager/Caretaker couple to fill two positions and live onsite to manage many aspects of a privately owned Ranch.

The property is comprised of two main guest homes, “party barn” (Recreation House), a lake house, a cabin, several out buildings, and a caretaker’s home.

This position requires one to be physically able to work outdoors in all types of weather and on uneven terrain. Candidates must be able to safely operate a small tractor, truck and other equipment including power and hand tools.

The second caretaker position’s duties include guest meal planning, food purchase, food preparation, serving meals to owners and guests, as well as the cleaning and upkeep of the homes, cabin and other buildings.

Candidates must be flexible with work schedules as these are not typical 8-5 jobs when owner is on property. While Owner and Guests are off site work hours will be typical 7/8 hour day Monday – Friday. While Owner & Guests are at ranch. Staff are needed to work adjusted schedules to accommodate and can include later hours and weekends. Owners are typically onsite 7/8 times per year. The team will be expected to keep property at “guest ready” level at all times throughout the year regardless of Owners Schedule.

These two positions are complete with salary, housing, utilities and other benefits. This is a long-term opportunity for a stable couple.

Our dream team would be able to manage the following duties with efficiency, dedication and integrity.


  • Very high standard of cleanliness
  • Highly organized
  • Detail oriented
  • Adept at monitoring and supervising guests of all ages while maintaining a positive and composed but commanding demeanor
  • Anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the household
  • Effective at completing work accurately and efficiently
  • Able to problem-solve, display good judgment and make decisions
  • Able to accept guidance when appropriate
  • Honest, discreet, responsible, reliable, committed
  • Minimal tardiness or absenteeism
  • Non-smoker, self-motivated, hardworking, in good health, energetic, meticulous
  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and able to work legally in the USA
  • Excellent professional and character references


  • Clean house or areas of home on daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis as needed to maintain the highest standard throughout
  • Perform Fall & Spring cleaning
  • Wash & iron couple’s clothing as needed
  • Wash & iron linens, change and make beds as instructed
  • Clean and care for dishes, stemware, silver, fine furniture and carpets, hardwood floor, artwork,
  • Clean and organize closets, cabinets, drawers, pantries and basement storage areas as needed
  • Manage and stock cleaning and household supplies
  • Run errands and grocery shopping as needed
  • Care for houseplants


  • Clean all outdoor furniture
  • Seasonally move outdoor furniture to and from storage, and stage when needed
  • Clean exterior of main house including entrances, porches, sills, window
  • Clean and maintain pool house, patios, decks and docks to maintain highest standard
  • Clean and maintain mini putt golf course
  • Clean and maintain garage
  • Clean and maintain 3 automobiles and numerous ATVs
  • Rake Sand Volleyball Court as needed


  • Supervise & monitor outside contractors and service professionals working on property
  • Schedule and monitor all routine annual & semi-annual maintenance
  • Monitor property when owner not in residence
  • Monitor and manage household systems including AV, HVAC, smart home, security plumbing, water filtration, appliances, generator, etc.
  • Report equipment malfunction and schedule and supervise repairs needed
  • Schedule & supervise winterizing of property
  • Schedule and supervise opening and closing seasonal equipment
  • Manage and maintain vehicle maintenance schedules and arrange service. Send and receive packages
  • Install hurricane panels when needed
  • Supervise and monitor home when couple’s adult children, grandchildren and other guests are visiting

To apply, please send resume & bio to our email address.

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