Director of Farming (w/ Alfalfa & Hay experience) needed near Pony, Montana

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Hollow Top Angus

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Pony, MT
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Full Time
Date Posted
October 4, 2020
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Hollow Top Angus is an angus seedstock ranch located near Pony, Mt. The ranch herd is comprised of approximately 500 females with calves and approximately 100 one and two year old bulls at our development center. The ranch encompasses about 2,000 acres of irrigated pastures with nine pivots, producing mixtures of grass and alfalfa and about 5,000 additional acres of ranchland and timbered mountains.

We are currently looking for an experienced full-time director of farming operations who will report to the ranch manager. The successful candidate will be a team player with a career objective of working in farming or hay production operation that utilizes regenerative farming practices. They will also have a college degree agricultural sciences or agronomy and/or at least three years’ experience farming alfalfa and/or hay.

Specific Responsibilities

The director of farming operations position has responsibilities such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • 1. Overseeing and participating in the cutting, raking and baling activities on the ranch.
  • 2. Manage the pasture fertilization and rodent control program.
  • 3. Manage weed suppression including related independent contractors.
  • 4. Provide advice and recommendations to the RM regarding grazing strategies for cattle and horses
  • 5. Operate and maintain all ditches, pivots, head gates, and other irrigation infrastructure on the ranch
  • 6. Coordinate with Water Commissioner to ensure that the ranch receives all of its permitted water and that it is used on the proper pastures in the proper volumes.
  • 7. Help the manager keep good, cooperative, and otherwise constructive relationships with neighbors with whom we share water rights or water delivery assets.
  • 8. Responsible for overseeing the general condition of the ranch properties i.e. fences are maintained, trash is picked up, relevant lawns are mowed, and other growth is properly brush-hogged.
  • 9. Oversee farming and grounds improvement capital projects.
  • 10. Assist with cattle handling as needed.

Required Skills

The successful candidate will have the following specific skills:

  • 1. Candidate must have knowledge of basic hay/alfalfa farming equipment and its maintenance.
  • 2. Candidate must have basic level of diesel engine mechanics.
  • 3. Candidate must have understanding of the basic principles of regenerative farming and soil health.
  • 4. Candidate must have experience with soil sampling techniques and equipment.
  • 5. Candidate must understand plant, soil and biologic results derived from soil samples and be able to formulate and explain remedial strategies.
  • 6. Candidate must have experience managing noxious weeds and understand the benefits/costs of using various mitigation strategies.
  • 7. Candidate must have basic computer skills, for example able to use Excel and Word.
  • 8. Candidate must be neat, organized and able to discuss techniques they employ on the farming side of the operation to visitors.

To apply:

Resumes should be sent to our Ranch Office Manager: Jessi Fanelli, via email.

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