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Joyfield Farm

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Bastrop, TX
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February 19, 2021
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0-2 yrs

We're looking for a hard-working and highly motivated person who can take over the day-to-day management of our new farm and help us collect the information needed to make a massive impact on the farming industry.

Why Joyfield Farm?
We want to set an example that farming can be done ethically, regeneratively, and most importantly: produce the most nutritious food humanly possible as sustainably as possible.

Ruminants will be used to restore the pastures to their former glory and biodiversity will always be a north star, but the spotlight of this farm will be on the experiments with our chickens and pigs.

99% of all poultry and pork are raised with corn, soy, and grains that lead to high amount of PUFAs like linoleic acid. Even pastured chickens have 30%+ of linoleic acid, when historical normals are ~3%. We believe in minimal inputs and letting nature take care of as much as possible. Growing seed crops en masse to feed to animals isn't normal. We're creating this farm to find a better way.

We want to figure out the best breed/feed combinations that lead to the healthiest animals. We believe the healthiest animals will also be the happiest animals, and best for the land too. We plan to use this information to educate broadly and enable co-ops of other farmers to be able to produce food that is good for the animals, humans, and planet. Once we establish best practices here, we will expand with more properties.

We need someone who can come in, get their hands dirty, and quickly solve problems. This is work that we're not aware of anyone else doing (ie important!), and will be a lot of trial and error.

Your role:

  • Start and manage multi-species rotational grazing of 2-4 cows, 2-4 sheep, and 2-4 goats
  • Start and manage 3 small (~25/coop) mobile meat bird coops as well as 1 laying hen coop
  • Start and manage 3 small rotational agroforestry pens for pigs (4-6/pen)
  • Start and manage small market garden of heritage vegetables
  • Assist in seeding cover crops, wild flowers, pollinators, etc.
  • Maintain 11 bee hives
  • Formulate plans for adding more species to improve species diversity
  • Coordinate with 3rd party labs on nutrition testing
  • Assisting in formulating breed/feed combinations to produce the healthiest animals on the planet
  • Manage sales of meat, eggs, produce, honey, etc.
  • Conduct soil testing and track improvement of land quality over time

You'll love this role if:

  • You are a do-er that learns fast and is excited by new challenges
  • You love working long days outside
  • You love to find new ways to solve problems no one else has before
  • You care about the planet and the animals on it
  • You want to work with the land, not against it
  • You love agency and being able to be independent
  • You love to geek out about details and research when curious

You'll hate this role if:

  • You value travel over consistency
  • You need constant direction and guidance solving problems
  • You are looking for a set career path with tons of pay and benefits
  • You aren't comfortable with digital communication
  • You've never worked outside in Texas summers before

Ideal Qualifications

  • 1+ year of experience working with livestock, preferably in rotational manner
  • Basic woodworking and building skills
  • Truck or vehicle to use for farm activities
  • Give a shit about health

Other details:

  • No dwelling available on site, but can provide stipend for local housing
  • L-series Kubota tractor available for use
  • Unlimited food from the property once productive
  • Will fund experiments and anything that is needed to operate farm

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address.

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