[FILLED] Feedlot Manager Needed – $65k

Posted in ,, on February 16, 2017

Redstone Feeders






De Smet, SD

Job Type

Full Time




Description :

Searching for a well qualified feedlot manager for our eastern South Dakota feedlot. Company has both inside and outside lots, with 80% of cattle being fed under roof. The facility features 100′ x 1200′ mono-slope state of the art buildings. This person needs to have a strong animal health background and strong cattle skills. Also, needs to have good computer skills and management skills, as this person will be managing 9 or more employees. The is a hands-on position in all areas of the feedlot. Feedlot experience is important but management skills are just as important. Looking for a person who is willing to work hard, build for the future, and wants to be a part of a family organization. This individual needs to be able to manage people and delegate responsibilities. Again, this is very much a hands-on lead production position and salary will depend upon experience.