Game Keeper / Hunting Guide / Habitat / Predator Controller needed in Okeechobee, Florida (Not a 9-5 Position)

Amistad Ranch

Okeechobee, FL
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
By experience
Date Posted
March 20, 2024
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Amistad is two adjoining ranches that create a 4,100-acre private hunting ranch eight miles east of Okeechobee. It has extensive forestry, Lakes, farmland, and a large 80-acre parkland area. The ranch is maintained to the highest standards and primarily kept as a private hunting preserve for the ranch owner, his family, and his friends.
The workforce includes a full-time Forester, Groundsman, Gamekeeper, Ranch Foreman, Dog trainer, General Farmworker, and seasonal House Manager, Chef, and Housekeeper.

The ranch also has a Cow/Calf operation, Game bird rearing/holding pens, and extensive hunting dog kennels. Numerous staff houses are within the ranch’s fenced-in boundaries, all of which are kept to the highest standards.

The ranch has two main seasons: hunting season (Nov-April) and maintenance season (May-October). The large dog kennels at Amistad house some of the very best American and British gundogs and are an extremely important part of the ranch.
The ranch hunts extensively during winter, with shoots every Saturday when the owner is in residence. Amistad is primarily a bird-hunting ranch for Quail, Pheasant, and Partridge, but wild boar, whitetail deer, and turkey can also be found on the ranch,

Purpose & Scope

The Gamekeeper will primarily be responsible for developing the Wild & Early release Quail program on the Quail Course known as “Quail Heaven”. This will include working with the Ranch Manager in strategic planning and placement of Game Covers & Habitat management. Ensuring an adequate feeding and watering regime is followed after birds are released and during the closed season. “The” Quail Heaven Keeper and the Gamekeeping team are also responsible for maintaining all pheasant and quail pens on the holding field. I.e., Ensure release pens are of a high standard, predator-proof proof, and well maintained.

The position would require working with the Ranch manager/Ranch Foreman to plan and implement shoot days in “The Quail Heaven ” (approximately 10-15 days per annum). The employee must be able to identify populations of wild game found on the ranch, recommend locations, and guide the shoot parties to those locations. The employee must also plan and implement agreed-upon annual burning programs in a safe and efficient manner that promotes increased wild game populations, including white-tailed deer and turkey.

In addition, the employee will be responsible for working alongside the current wildlife team in constantly managing and improving the wild bird habitat for Game birds such as the Bob White Quail at both North & South ranches. Periodically check the cattle herd when grazing on the “Quail Heaven” beat and report issues to the ranch manager/foreman. The position requires extremely high levels of predator control skills and an understanding of local & state legislation to achieve this.

“The Quail Heaven” Gamekeeper is expected to assist in maintaining high levels of landscape management, such as Road and track Repairs, Fencing maintenance, mowing, weed control, tree pruning, etc., to maintain the ranch’s high aesthetic standards.

This position is live-in, and the employee would be required to act as the main security guard at the east entrance to Amistad Ranch and report any incidents to the ranch manager or foreman in a timely manner.

Primary Responsibilities and Job Functions:

Working with the Ranch Manager & Ranch Foreman to plan and prioritize workload for daily, weekly, and seasonal operations on the “Quail Heaven” beat. This will include feeding birds at least once daily after release and ensuring adequate feeding and watering stations are in place and filled.

Carry out tasks set and use your own initiative to ensure they are completed on time. Initiate an effective predator control program that supports the long-term goals of wild quail shoots. Reports regularly to the ranch manager on predator control successes. Monitors and records levels of wild game found on the ranch and report them to the Ranch Manager/ Ranch Foreman. Use farm implements safely and efficiently when carrying out duties such as mowing, planting, and burning; keep accurate records of harvested predators, culled, and game birds. Ensure safe handling of firearms at all times.

Working with the ranch manager, plan and develop a long-term strategy for the quail shoot’s continued development, growth, and management. Manage, plan, and manipulate habitats, including planting strategically placed Game Cover crops to harvest existing wild quail and turkey populations and produce optimum yields.

The position would require working with the Ranch Foreman to plan and implement the shooting days (Approx. 15 days per annum).

Except when on annual leave, be on a permanent call-out for emergencies within the confines or immediate vicinity of the ranches. For example, Accidents, Fire/burglar alarms, wildfire incidents, hurricane damage etc.

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ensuring an effective feeding and watering system for game birds in the holding pens at the Amistad Ranch.
  • After Tower shoots, you will be responsible for assisting in catching unshot birds as quickly as possible, including maintaining catchers.
  • Security and day-to-day policing of “Quail Heaven”
  • To investigate any suspicious activity at Amistad Ranch and to contact the police if necessary.
  • In an emergency, such as a break-in or fire, take charge of events and coordinate staff until a senior member arrives.
  • To keep an updated list of staff telephone numbers and contact them if an emergency occurs
  • Ensures that provided accommodation, garden, and barns are always kept clean and tidy.
  • The position ensures the annual planting of wildlife food plots and other habitat improvement projects.
  • To preserve the ranch’s good name as a provider of high-quality sport, apply the highest possible animal welfare standards, protect the environment, and show consideration for the community’s interest at all times.
  • Ideally, but not essential. Works on flushing and retrieving dogs on shoot days and ensures they are always controlled.
  • Works within the company’s Health and safety guidelines and reports to the Ranch manager or Foreman those who fail to do so.


  • Helps ensure that shoot days on either ranch go smoothly and that standards are of the highest level. Assists others in achieving their goals and that of the Ranch in providing the owners and their guests with an enjoyable experience. Is always polite and helpful with the owner’s guests and other visitors to the ranch.
  • Experience is Preferred but not essential.
  • The position of Gamekeeper at “Quail Heaven” requires knowledge and experience in released Gamebirds and Wild Gamebird population management.
  • At least three years experience working with wild game birds and their habitat management. High levels of predator control skills while working within current legislation.
  • Working with Pointer breed dogs to increase population density when hunting wild game. Ideally, they would be capable of training their own dogs to high levels of competency.
  • Capable of working under own initiative when planning daily tasks.
  • Strong background in habitat management and predator control through trapping etc. Must be experience utilizing firearms and traps.
  • Strong communication skills, leadership qualities, attention to detail, and technical writing skills are highly preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience with the application of prescribed fire and roller-chopping
  • Knowledge and experience with chemical or mechanical control of invasive exotic vegetation
  • Ability to operate maintain, tractors, farm implements, ATVs, etc
  • Ability to work independently and in a variety of weather conditions
  • Ability to plan and prioritize work assignments, multi-task
  • Ability to deal effectively & politely with guests


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