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Bluewater Heritage Ranch

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Bluewater, NM
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Full Time
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June 16, 2019

RANCH DESCRIPTION: The ranch is an approximately 7,500-acre livestock ranch near Bluewater, New Mexico. This historic, family-owned ranch lies at the foothills of the eastern edge of the Zuni Mountains and two sides border the Cibola National Forest. The terrane is rolling hills with small canyons and is described as Pinon/Juniper forest. The ranch is highly improved with 12 pastures to accommodate rotational grazing and 2-3 drinkers per pastures. The ranch is rated at 100-125 cow-calf animal units. In 2018, we completed a conservation easement on the ranch and are currently in the tenth year of a contract with the Conservation Stewardship Program. In the summer of 2019, we expect to receive a grant from the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) for conservation work.

JOB SUMMARY: Family-owned Limited Partnership is seeking a general ranch manager to help us cultivate a high-quality image for our property, become a registered seed-stock breeder, sell and market grass-fed beef, and breed quality horses. The General Ranch Manager is responsible for executing the ranch operating plan, conducting operations consistent with an annual budget, and communicating with the General Partner.


-Manage and execute a pasture-raised cattle production process that relies on quiet, low-stress handling of animals to include gathering, branding, doctoring, pregnancy testing, calving, and completing artificial insemination as needed

-Keep all facilities and equipment neat, clean, and in good repair

-Maintain buildings, fences, and equipment, ensuring they are in appropriate condition

-Repair wells and water lines as needed

-Maintain and operate ranch machinery including backhoe and tractor

-Follow all safety rules and regulations while performing work assignments and adhere to all policies and procedures

-Proactively seek and participate in available partnership-sponsored training, in an effort to develop and advance knowledge base and skill set

-Maintain a positive and professional working relationship with General Partner and show a constant commitment to teamwork

-Perform all other duties as assigned by General Partner in a professional and efficient manner

-Understand and support the ranch’s key objectives

-Participate in the creation of an annual operating budget

-Manage overall ranch security

-Represent ranch professionally at all times

-Maintain an accurate running inventory of assets

-Create and maintain records for cattle maintenance and repair work

-Prepare and present data and projections to General Partner

-Be a self-starter; ability to work independently as well as with others


-Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science (or related field)
-at least one year of experience managing a ranch

-Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified

-Proven track record of financial accountability and performance

-Proficient in using Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet

-Must be hard-working, efficient, and able to work independently

-Must be skilled with cattle handling including evaluating condition, gathering, doctoring, processing, branding, and calving

-Must have practical skills of welding and carpentry in order to complete minor repair work on ranch

-Ability to work within a budget

-Able to communicate effectively with General Partner and work collaboratively to achieve the family’s vision for the ranch

The ideal candidate: (preferred)

-Values quiet, low-stress handling of animals

-Views the property as a valuable resource to be improved over time for future generations

-Is committed to progressive land management practices based on holistic management principles

-Is constantly seeking to improve and expand knowledge of grazing management

-Is willing to implement conservation projects that protect and enhance the land

-Is willing to work with other organizations to achieve mutual objectives

-Is willing to share knowledge and experiences for research and educational purposes.

-Has previous ranch operations experience including basic cattle skills, equipment management, maintenance scheduling, and basic agronomy

-Has experience operating excavator, skid steer, tractor, and other basic machinery

-Some experience and skillset in basic electrical systems, plumbing/irrigation systems, controllers, etc.

COMPENSATION: $50,000 a year with $12,000 being an on-site two-bedroom house. The reminder of the base income can be negotiated for health insurance, transportation, etc. An incentive/bonus compensation is part of our plan that could increase annual income by 20-30% per year.

Please email your bio & resume to:

[email protected]


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