[FILLED] Horse/Breeding Manager Needed in Oklahoma

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Circle C Ranch Co.

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Wayne, OK
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Full Time
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October 24, 2017

Role and Responsibilities
The Horse/Breeding Manager is responsible for the overall wellbeing of horses, breeding and foaling procedures, and financial management. These duties include, but are not limited to:

• Routine Horse Duties
o Become familiar with the horses
o Feeding horses
o Care of sick or injured horses(should be comfortable with IM, IV and Oral administrations)
o Administer vaccinations and deworming on a routine schedule
o Maintain clean barns
o Handle emergencies
o Assisting a veterinarian in routine procedures
o Transporting horses to veterinarian
o Schedule veterinarian, farrier, dentist, and chiropractor appointments
o Cleaning and maintain automatic waters
o Ordering alfalfa, shavings, and feed on a regular basis
o Maintain a stocked vet room
o Maintaining ranch trucks and trailers
o Operate farm equipment including tractors, brush hog, skid steer, etc.
o Fix fence when needed
o Other routine ranch maintenance

• Financial Duties
o Paying bills
o Keeping detailed records of horses, employees, and bills
o Updating ranch website
o Work with accountant for monthly and yearly bill procedures
o Knowledge and experience with QuickBooks, Excel, Word, etc.

• Breeding Season Duties
o Schedule palpations, cultures, and biopsies
o Haul multiple mares to appointments for palpations, breeding, and embryo flushes
o Administer breeding vaccinations in accordance with veterinary procedures
o Use Foalert
o Safely foal mares
o Halter break foals
o Maintain records of embryo flushes, breeding, and new foals

• Sale Season Duties
o Fit horses for a sale
o Know and understand pedigrees
o Be comfortable with a horse in a sale ring

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Knowledge and experience with horses including basic medical treatments, nutritional needs, and reproduction. Knowledge and experience with computers, QuickBooks program, and bill paying practices.


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