Horse Helper & Caregiver needed near San Diego County, California ~ Couples welcome

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Mount Olympus Farms

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Pala Temecula area, CA
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Room, board and 70 hr/month @$17 hr
Date Posted
April 11, 2024
Housing Offered
0-2 yrs

1-2 people? 5 beautiful acres with 3 horses, 1 empty stall and many critters. On edge of San Diego county. Next to nature preserve in a scenic rural area but 2 miles away from 24 Hr shopping etc in Temecula. Wildlife friendly with a lot of critters mostly rescues. 3 Kunekune pigs just showed up! (Abandoned) semi feral cats and many dogs, geese, chicken, fish and more! Many interesting projects here. No kill policy we don’t eat our animals. Also we re- locate rattlesnakes. Seek animal lovers with horse experience. Years ago was advised I need shoulder replacement surgery now for both shoulders, and my neck is a mess too.

Oh my! I have avoided it but … well it’s getting bad

I am facing I need surgery as I can barely put a halter on a horse. My horses have been on a layup and I’m seeking some kind helper to tune and condition them slowly back into riding shape. They are rescues but one was supposedly trained to 3rd level Dressage. I was mostly a trail rider but would love someone with some experience with Dressage to see if horses and I can! I’m watching online courses for now. Our land is not ideal, there is an arena area where we are putting a new bigger arena up. Would love help with that too. One empty stall. I have helpers here who help feed and clean and do maintenance but they are not horse people. I’m probably going to need extra help soon but need help now! Seek someone to help shop, clean house and available most weekends as guy helpers here usually take weekends off. An elderly woman here has government funding for 70+ hours a month at $17 hour ( that’s what she said) she doesn’t need personal care, just light housekeeping, shopping, cooking and help her get to appointments so that is the paid position. I am offering ROOM and FOOD and basic necessities. I don’t think I will qualify for funded hours but ? We both need someone who is an experienced licensed driver. No vehicle needed. I’m offering use of my truck and first dibs or choice of a furnished ROOM in house or a vintage 21’ trailer in amazing condition with hookups and house privileges. The trailer is good for two and can fit a queen bed or two twin beds. Will consider couples or single or two friends possibly.

It’s not a fancy ranch at all. A work in progress, conveniently located but on steep land and on a busy road. Hiking trails Nextdoor forever too. Unfortunately not for horses… too steep and dangerous and no access for them. They put a gate because of liability. We used to ride up there. Anyway.. it’s not my dream ranch but for now it’s a beautiful spot with oaks, green grass and starry nights. Singing frogs in ponds. I have a truck and would let a responsible licensed driver use my truck, it’s getting hard I don’t currently have a horse trailer. I’m still hosting on, photos and reviews there. I can send more pics if interested. Please tell a bit about yourself and why you’re interested and how you are a good fit. I’m hoping to have people nearby interested so they can visit first to see if we both agree it’s a good fit. Hope to have someone by or during May. We have some here(including me) who smoke Cannabis. Please NO hard drinking or hard drugs or Trumpers. I am political and liberal minded and am artist musician no longer able to play my guitar. Bleh. Anyway…do not have a website for farm, would love help with that and other tech savvy help. Possible to help with $ making projects to earn more too.


PLEASE TEXT your replies, and mention if you’re sending an email with attachments. My email box is very full. Put “Regarding Job” in the email & text!

Mount Olympus Farms - CA

Mount Olympus Farms - CA

Mount Olympus Farms - CA

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