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The Resort at Paws Up

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Greenough, MT
Job Type
Full Time
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January 12, 2017

Position Title: Horse Program Manager
Accountable to: Activity Director
Classification: Full time / salary

Job Description: The Horse Program Manager will be fully responsible for the resort’s horse programs and its guest experiences. The incumbent must possess excellent horse nutrition knowledge and experience, horse conditioning experience, riding experience and overall facility management experience. This latter includes personnel supervisory and communication skills.

Essential Job Functions of position are:
l. Ability to establish and manage overall horse program, detailing objectives, expected results. This includes responsibility for the horse nutritional programs, horse conditioning programs, installation upkeep.
2. Ability to have upward and downward communication skills; ability to interact in friendly and constructive manner with guests. Coordinate with Activity Director the scheduling of all horse related activities for guests, and have horses and installations ready for execution of said programs
3. Coordinate all tasks and scheduling for employees under his/her supervision. Supervise the daily operation of the Saddle Club / Equestrian Center and the horse facility at the Wilderness outpost
4. Problem solving abilities, time management abilities
5. Budget controls
6. Training and schooling of ranch/lease horses to be guest ready
7. Ability to operate trucks and horse trailers
Required Skills:
l. Horse nutrition, conditioning, training and riding experience
2. Proven horsemanship skills including instruction
3. Organizational skills, facility management skills, people skills, communication skills

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