[FILLED] Horse Ranch Couple/ Caretaker Needed in Bellville, Texas







Bellville, TX

Job Type

Full Time




Description :

EXPERIENCE A MUST!!! Don’t apply otherwise please-5 year-reference required with phone numbers-okay with drug testing and background checks. Excellent potential to grow here but Must be a team player, good communicator, self starter with a positive attitude, good with people/kids and be able to work some weekends.

This is a hands on hard work position not a 8-5 job-must be organized and willing to put in an honest days work.

We are looking to hire a husband/wife team immediately to work at our horse, cattle, dog, cat, goat and chicken ranch. The daily job includes housekeeping-feeding-watering-cleaning stalls-keeping the alleyways clean-gardening-fixing fences-roads-dragging arenas-general cleanup-yard work and any other duties needed. If you’re not willing to work hard and be dedicated then this isn’t the place for you. It isn’t an 8 to 5 job.

Horse experience:
Natural-horsemanship skills and A KIND HAND-a must! Extensive knowledge of equine foot work ie lead changes.
Mechanical Equipment knowledge
Positive attitude and genuinely care about your job-a must! The ability to take instructions and make educated decisions or know when to say I don’t no.