Hunting Guide / Wildlife Mgmt. / Ranch Hand needed in Eustace, Texas ~ $32k-$40k

Cedar Cove Ranch

Eustace, TX
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
June 6, 2024
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Job Title – Hunting Guide/ Wildlife Mgmt. /Ranch hand
Position Openings: 1x Hunting Guide and 1x Ranch Hand
Employment Type – Full Time
Job Location – Eustace, TX (1 hr. from Dallas, in East Texas)
Salary Range – $32K to $40K

Position Summary

Lead hunting expeditions while prioritizing client safety and well-being. Share in-depth knowledge of wildlife, including species, behavior, and habitat. Provide exceptional customer service by addressing client needs and preferences. Inspect and maintain hunting grounds/fences/shooting structure & related items, and ranch equipment to ensure functionality. Manage wildlife and oversee ranch operations to support a thriving and sustainable environment.

About Cedar Cove Ranch

Cedar Cove Ranch is a premier destination for sportsmen and corporate retreats. We are a small business growing exponentially. Our Mission is to create personalized exclusive outdoor experiences to foster lifelong connections by providing unmatched hospitality. Our vision is to be the unrivaled destination where adventure, hospitality, and nature converge for memorable experiences. Our commitment is to elevating experiences and redefining excellence. Our core values are the backbone of our business, and guide our hiring process: we are Passionate – Professional, Accountable, Safety Focused, Stewards of Resources, Intentional, Opportunity Focused, never go it Alone kind of team

Job Description Summary: Hunting Guide/Ranch Hand/Wildlife Management

Hunting Guide / Wildlife Management Objectives

1. Guiding and Outfitting

  • Lead Hunting and Fishing Expeditions: Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for clients with expert guidance on techniques and
  • local wildlife behavior.
  • Firearm and Equipment Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in the use of firearms and fishing equipment.
  • Safety Compliance: Maintain an impeccable safety record by adhering to all hunting regulations and firearm safety practices.

2. Wildlife Management

  • Conservation Practices: Implement and oversee wildlife management practices to promote conservation.
  • Wildlife Monitoring: Monitor and record wildlife populations, behaviors, and health, ensuring safety practices are followed.
  • Predator Management: Actively manage predators to protect wildlife.
  • Negligence-Free Environment: Strive for zero percent death loss due to negligence.

3. Ranch Maintenance

  • Daily Operations: Assist in maintaining facilities and infrastructure, including livestock care.
  • Upkeep of Amenities: Oversee the upkeep of trails, hunting blinds, and fishing areas to enhance client experience.

4. Client Education

  • Ethical Practices: Educate clients on the importance of ethical hunting and fishing practices.
  • Environmental Knowledge: Share knowledge about local flora and fauna, fostering environmental appreciation.
  • Safety Briefings: Provide safety briefings and instructions on equipment use.

5. Equipment and Gear Management

  • Maintenance: Ensure all hunting equipment, firearms, and gear are in optimal condition.
  • Inventory Management: Manage equipment inventory, coordinating repairs and replacements as needed.

6. Communication and Hospitality

  • Client Satisfaction: Ensure a high level of client satisfaction through excellent communication and safety standards.
  • Positive Atmosphere: Foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere, maintaining high success rates during hunts.
  • Ethical Conduct: Maintain a high standard of ethical conduct, respecting wildlife, team members, and clients.

7. Team Collaboration

  • Team Environment: Work collaboratively with guides, ranch hands, and support staff to create a cohesive and efficient team environment.

8. Regulatory Compliance

  • Knowledge of Regulations: Stay informed on hunting regulations, conservation practices, market trends, and industry
  • developments.
  • Client Education: Educate clients about legal requirements and promote responsible outdoor recreation.
  • Passion for the Outdoors – – Fostering Connection: Maintain and instill a passion for hunting, fishing, and wildlife in clients to create memorable outdoor experiences.

Ranch Hand Responsibilities

  • Maintenance Tasks: Perform daily tasks including fence repair, checking water sources, landscape maintenance, and general property upkeep.
  • Equipment Operation: Operate and maintain ranch equipment such as skid steers, backhoes, tractors, and mowers.
  • Lake and Trail Maintenance: Conduct routine lake and trail maintenance, supporting trail management and clearing.
  • Emergency Response: Respond promptly to lodge-related emergencies and perform routine inspections and repairs on structures, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Project Assistance: Assist in ranch-related projects and hospitality tasks, including event setup, guest activities, and lodge preparation prior to guest check-in.
  • By covering these comprehensive roles and responsibilities, Cedar Cove Ranch ensures a well-rounded, efficient, and client-focused experience in both hunting and ranch management.

Competencies –

  • Hunting expertise
  • Firearm maintenance and safety.
  • Safety and emergency response knowledge.
  • Wildlife Management
  • Feeders, Fence, Grounds Maintenance
  • Proficient Communication
  • Hospitality / Client services
  • Grunt Work – Fence, Feeder, Equipment, Food Plot
  • Equipment Operations & Management
  • Ability to learn and grow

Education & Experience

  • Minimum of 4-6 years guiding experience
  • Min 4 years of Ranch hand experience
  • Min 2 years of Equipment operations experience
  • A college degree is preferred, but not required.
  • Wildlife knowledge/experience is a must

Physical Requirements:

Specific physical requirements can vary depending on the type of hunting. Good eyesight, hearing, and capable of dealing with physical discomfort at times are expected. Stamina should be capable of leading/keeping up with clients for the duration of the hunt.

Why Join Us:

Being a small business, you will have many opportunities to grow with a proven track record. We offer competitive compensation packages, including base salary plus bonus/commission, as well as benefits such as health insurance, and paid time off.


If you are excited about being integral part of hunting operations and ranch management to new heights and have the qualifications and passion we’re looking for, please email your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and explaining why you’re the perfect fit for the position.

Please submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience to be considered for this position. Forward this to all email addresses listed.

We look forward to hearing from passionate candidates who share our dedication to the hunting industry and our commitment to excellence.

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Cedar Cove Ranch - Texas

Cedar Cove Ranch TX

Cedar Cove Ranch TX

Cedar Cove Ranch - Texas


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