Intern Boarding / Exchange help needed at Regenerative Farm / Ranch in Colorado ~ Seasonal (Apr-Oct)

Filled / Expired

Nola Naturals

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Avondale, CO
Job Type
Boarding Exchange value $500 month
Date Posted
April 21, 2024
Housing Offered
0-2 yrs

Nola Naturals Farms, nestled in the heart of Avondale, CO, is on the hunt for an adventurous soul to join our pastoral symphony for the 2024 season. Picture this: you, living the farm life dream, in tune with nature, and pocketing some cash while you’re at it. Get ready to roll up your sleeves from April to October, because we’re not just any farm – we’re a regenerative, multi-species, pasture-strutting, moo-milking haven, with an orchard to boot, and big plans to plant a veggie empire over 7 acres!

Here’s the deal: You’ll be the Jack or Jill of all trades. Animal whispering, milking like a pro, digging your hands into the earth, building stuff, running for feed, mastering the art of irrigation, and a whole lot more. We need a hardy individual who’s got the chops to work 20 hours a week, who gets giddy about sustainable farming, and who’s ready to get their hands dirty alongside Nick, our owner/operator, and Joshua, our land steward extraordinaire. Flex those critical thinking muscles because sometimes you’ll be flying solo on these farm-tastic projects.

The hours? They’re as flexible as a willow in the wind, but let’s keep it steady once we get going. Your 20-hour gig includes a cozy one-bedroom single wide, where rent and utilities are covered at a nifty $15/hr. But wait, there’s more! Fancy a few extra bucks? You can clock in more hours for some cold, hard cash at $20/hr doing things like playing chicken ninja during processing, or being the milkman (or woman) everyone loves.

And guess what? With a schedule smoother than a fresh jar of farm-churned butter, you’ll have plenty of time to snag another part-time job or explore the majestic SE corner of Colorado. Embrace the great outdoors, soak up some culture, and dive into history.

Now, for the brave folks who’ll fit right in:

  • Be a proud owner of 18+ years of life experience.
  • Commit to being a farm-dweller from April ’til the leaves turn in October.
  • Have a burning desire to become a regenerative agriculture guru.
  • Be the kind of person who sees a problem and says, “Challenge accepted.”
  • Have the drive to wake up and make things happen.
  • Be “Farm Fit” – ready to lift, squat, and do the occasional farm sprint.
  • Possess a work ethic as sturdy as our oldest oak.
  • Know thyself, hydrate thyself, and speak up when something’s amiss.

And don’t forget the essentials:

  • Weather warrior status – because the farm waits for no one, heatwave or not.
  • A resume with at least a sprinkle of farm or livestock work.
  • Be cool with our four-legged friends (and the two-legged teen variety).
  • Available for weekend shenanigans (of the farming kind).
  • Have a driver’s license and wheels (trucks score bonus points).
  • Punctuality is key – dawn doesn’t wait, and neither do hungry animals.
  • The April to October pledge.
  • Three references who can vouch that you’re the bee’s knees.


How to hop on this hayride? Email over a resume and a cover letter that spills the beans on why you’re the one

We’re not just farming; we’re building a community. There’s knowledge to gain, connections to make, and endless farm fun to be had. So, if you’re craving a slice of the good life, let’s get growing together!

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