Internships Available at Raw Milk Dairy & Farm-to-Table Ranch in Seguin, Texas

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Everything Jesus! Ranch (Gina T.Y.)

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Seguin, TX
Job Type
Unpaid 6 month internship, renewable with stipend
Date Posted
February 7, 2023
Housing Offered
0-2 yrs

We are a 114-acre raw milk dairy and organic ranch located in South Central Texas. We are a church-based operation. We supply food to a family shelter in Austin, as well as selling milk, veg, and prepared foods on site.

We are offering two six-month, unpaid internships, beginning as soon as feasible, to coincide with the spring season. Interns will learn every aspect of ranch operations, including but not limited to : milking dairy cows and running a raw dairy; starting seedlings indoors; sowing seeds indoors; butchering poultry and meat livestock; building fences; ranch construction; operating heavy equipment; using a chainsaw; care and feeding of livestock; ranch videography; organic farm-to-table culinary arts. Hopefully an intern applicant will have some of the skills mentioned above, and be interested in learning new skills as well.

Our lifestyle is community-based. We enjoy an exclusively organic diet and eat two meals together most days (everyone agrees, our food is amazing!). We worship once a week, and prayer is our ongoing conversation. That said, we are an easygoing group. We share a common love of Jesus, steer clear of legalism, and are open to all applicants who respect our beliefs and lifestyle, regardless of their religious background.

We have various housing options, from our creature-comfortable guest house to more basic cabins and tents. Everything is provided for interns: furnished facilities, linens, food, utilities…everything.

We work six days a week; on Sundays, we take care of the basic needs of our animals and rest/play.

We welcome applicants of all ages, races, nationalities, and skill levels, as well as new English learners. We are also open to interns who express an interest in specializing in a certain area, like construction, culinary arts, or the manufacture of dairy products. Although you refine a specific skill, you will still receive a full, but less intensive orientation to the other aspects of our ranch.

We also have a pottery here that has been closed for a few years. We would feel blessed to have an intern with pottery skills.

We always describe ourselves as ministers who ranch, rather than ranchers who minister. Our lifestyle is quiet, zero-drama, and best suited to individuals with inner joy and peace, and an even temperament.

Please look at our website,, to read about our unique ministry for all God’s children.
God bless you!


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