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Long Beach, Washington
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Part Time
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January 1, 2015

We have a lovely lakefront farm located in Long Beach, WA, that is within walking distance to the beach. You can visit www.lakelodgebedandbarn.com to see our farm!

This position would mostly consist of doing daily chores (about 3 hours) a day as well as several other odd jobs around the farm. Chores consist of milking one cow, feeding and taking care of 3 horses, feeding calves and beef cattle, and caring for several ducks and cats. I also breed German Shepherd puppies and have 3 dogs and one puppy of my own. I generally have about 4 litters a year and do extensive training and socialization with the puppies before they leave, which is very time consuming. You can see a bit of what I do with them at www.floodfarmgermanshepherds.com. Chores and a few hours of other work per week would be part of a trade for room and board.

If you were interested in another form of income as well while you were here there are several local jobs advertised through www.chinookobserver.com. I also have some random jobs that I would be willing to pay you for if you were interested (cleaning, computer work, random farm and yard work).

Our ideal person would be someone who is interested in natural horsemanship. I use Parelli Natural Horsemanship with my horses and would love to have someone who is interested in learning and practicing his methods. If I felt comfortable with your riding ability I would love to have another rider to help exercise my horses regularly on the beach. It would great if you were good with computers. I would love someone to take pictures and post daily updates on my Lake Lodge and German Shepherd Facebook pages, and do updates on my websites. I need help promoting these businesses on the Internet in various ways.

Visit www.funbeach.com to learn all about this beautiful unique area and all the local activities it has to offer!

If you are interested in this position, would you please answer these questions in one e-mail so I can print your responses and save them in a file? This will really help me clarify things so I will know better how to proceed.

Thanks so much!

What appeals to you about my position/ listing?

What are you looking for?

What are you NOT looking for?

Do you horseback ride? If so, how much riding and what kind have you done? Do you have any videos of you riding?

Do you have any animals that need to come with you? Please NO DOGS, possibly a cat or horse, depending on the situation.

How will you pay your expenses, since this is not a job but rather a trade?

How do you feel about animals?

How good are you at working with people?

What about leaving family/friends?

How do you feel about living in an area that gets 80 inches of rain a year?

Do you have any physical limitations that would prevent you from doing basic farm work?

Do you smoke or use recreational drugs? Do you drink, and if so, how much?

How long would you be interested in staying if things were working out well?

Would you have your own vehicle?

When would you be able to come?

How are you with computers?

I am a very busy person and many unexpected things come up throughout my day. How are you with being flexible and willing to help whenever needed?

I am also involved with a community theater group that produces family-friendly musicals, would you be interested in becoming involved with this type of activity?


Thanks so much!


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