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Long Beach, Washington
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Full Time
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June 9, 2016

Are you interested in learning how to run a small family-owned farm?

We are seeking a positive and hardworking individual to care for our

livestock including horses, dairy cows, beef calves, ducks, and two low

maintenance barn cats.

Duties include doing farm chores (which take approximately 2.5 hours

each time) 5 ½ days a week (once in the morning and once in the

evening) and fulfilling all aspects of farm animal care (for example:

horse rehab, animal wound dressings, or medications on an as-needed

basis) in addition to potential (and rare) farm animal emergencies in

exchange for room and board and a $200 monthly stipend.

The other 3 sets of chores would be performed by our other intern and

both interns will work together to decide what the chore schedule will

look like.

Additional farm work to supplement the stipend is available for

$10/hour in fluctuating amounts. The amount of work available and

types of tasks depend on the season. In the winter, there is some paid

work available, however, not nearly as much as during the rest of the

year. Winter tasks include cutting down trees that have fallen on fences,

repairing fences, washing cars, and harrowing the arena. There is more

work available in the spring, summer, and fall. These tasks can include

jobs like painting and staining buildings and fences, washing buildings,

mowing and weed whacking the lawns, weeding and trimming bushes

and pruning trees, mending fences, fertilizing pastures, watering the

pastures/moving sprinklers, various repair jobs and projects, plus the

"winter" work.

Individuals whose financial needs are greater than the $200/month

stipend (with the additional fluctuating paid farm hours) are encouraged

to apply for part-time work outside the farm. Because we live in an area

that is a tourist destination, there are plenty of jobs in the hospitality

industry where employees can make minimum wage ($9.47) plus tips. It

is easier for these individuals to bring their own cars because biking to a

job in the winter rain isn't fun, however, there is a bus system into both

Long Beach and Ocean Park. Many businesses have "help wanted" signs

posted throughout the year. Applicants should note that the farm comes

first and in the event of a (rare) emergency, we ask that you prioritize the

farm's needs.

*Room and board includes: a private room (either inside the main house

with the family or outside in the barn), utilities (including electricity,

trash, and water), Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, food (we tend to purchase

high quality, healthy food for everyone, but are not strict), farm fun

(basketball court, a dock in the backyard on Loomis Lake with two

kayaks and an aluminum drift boat, a Jacuzzi, clamming supplies, and

horseback riding on the beach for those with experience), and access to

the beautiful Long Beach area (including various lighthouses, kite

flying, Lewis and Clark trail, the "world's longest beach", and the

Astoria Column). Check out funbeach.com for a better idea of what is

available in the area.

Our ideal candidate is flexible and positive with a can-do attitude, has

experience working outdoors or with heavy machinery (tractor and

riding mower), is physically capable of doing basic farm work on a

regular basis (lifting and moving feed sacks and hay bales, cutting down

trees, etc.), and is comfortable with a fluctuating income.

We are very involved in a local theater group
raise German Shepherd puppies, regularly ride bikes

with/run alongside/ride horses on the beach, and use Parelli natural

horsemanship techniques on the ground and in the saddle. We encourage

our farm hands to join us in all of these fun activities as we like to view

our interns as an extension of our family.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the

questionnaire below and email it to us along with your résumé, 3-5

references, a brief auto-biography, and recent pictures of yourself.


What appeals to you about this internship/work-trade position?

How do your future goals align with this position?

Farm life is busy and unexpected things happen. Do you maintain a

positive attitude when things do not go as planned? Are you flexible and

willing to pitch in when things need to be done?

This position is intended to be learning-focused, where a majority of the

work is done in exchange for room and board, an opportunity to learn

how to run a family-owned farm, and the experience of a farm lifestyle.

What are your expenses and how will you pay them?

How do you feel about working with animals?

How do you feel about leaving family and friends?

How do you feel about living in an area that gets 80 inches of rain a


Do you have any physical limitations that would prevent you from doing

farm work?

Do you smoke or use recreational drugs? Do you drink, and if so, how


Would you have your own vehicle?

Do you have health insurance?

When would you be able to come? How long would you be interested in

staying if things were working out well?

We enjoy exercising our horses on the beach (around 3-4x a week) and

would love to have our interns accompany us for fun. Those who do not

have experience riding can jog or ride a bike while ponying a horse (it's

a lot of fun!). Do you have horseback riding experience? If so, explain.

Do you have any videos of you riding?

We raise German Shepherds and understand the importance of pets.

While we do not allow interns to bring their dog(s) to the farm (no

exceptions), we are open to other pets. Do you have any animals that

need to come with you?

We are involved in a community theater group that produces family-

friendly musicals. Some interns have enjoyed volunteering with the

group by performing in, playing music for, or building sets for the

annual show. It's a great way to make friends in the area and is a lot of

fun! Would you be interested in this type of activity?

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