Livestock & Agricultural Manager needed at Multi-tiered operation in DeBeque, Colorado ~ $48k-$70k

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The High Lonesome Ranch

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DeBeque, CO
Job Type
Full Time
$48,000-$70,000 DOE
Date Posted
December 9, 2023
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

The High Lonesome Ranch (HLR) is dedicated to operating a profitable multi-tiered livestock operation with minimal inputs that restores HLR lands and executes the HLR Model.

To accomplish these goals, HLR is seeking a highly motivated individual that is familiar with and can incorporate Adaptive Grazing and Regenerative Agriculture practices across HLR private and leased lands.

The Livestock & Ag Manager at HLR is a full-time role. HLR has implemented Adaptive Grazing and Regenerative Agriculture activities, within its ongoing Ranch and Guest service activities. These activities are a Board directive and will continue this practice into the future.


Responsible for implementing and executing HLR’s Livestock & Agriculture operations as set out by the General Manager and Board of Directors.

Responsibilities include overseeing, on a daily basis, the planning, organization, supervision, and administration of activities incorporating Adaptive Grazing & Regenerative Agriculture on HLR lands to achieve optimal results in soil regeneration as well as providing diverse recreational opportunities whilst achieving economic profitability.

The Livestock and Agricultural Manager will need to:

  • Attend (or have successfully attended) UnderstandingAg (UA) Adaptive Grazing Workshop and Soil Health Academy within 4 months of employment
  • Be well versed in Adaptive Grazing/Regenerative Agriculture principles and tenets and display initiative to keep up to date with regenerative agricultural practices
  • Coordinate with UA staff on implementation of 3 to 5-year water development, grazing & agricultural plans
  • Recruit, train, instruct and supervising Livestock & Agricultural staff


Communication and Reporting at HLR is an important part of this role from 2024 onwards.

The Manager is to maintain and report accurate records (within HLR system and templates) of cattle (numbers, grades, genetics, etc.), daily moves and paddock mapping, grasslands, soil conditions, crops/species, soil test and water infiltration results to HLR GM and (as needed) High Lonesome Institute and other partners.

Be able to:

  • Maintain and manage horse stock associated to Livestock adaptive grazing operations
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations and health/safety standards
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of pests and crop diseases and regenerative practices to address issues
  • Prepare and communicate a Monthly Report to the GM
  • Attend HLR meetings as needed by the GM and Ranch Services Manager
  • Be communicative and proactive with existing and future owners
  • Communicate HLR Model, Adaptive Grazing, Regenerative Agriculture and other Landscape Initiatives and onsite practices to HLR and HLI guests, staff, partners, etc.
  • Collaborate with Guest Services Department & team to ensure optimal recreation areas for all guests
  • Collaborate and cooperate with The High Lonesome Institute and HLR Partners on specific initiatives (as needed), to further the goals of The High Lonesome Ranch


The Manager is to Plan, Budget and Manage capital expenditure projects related to livestock and agriculture.


  • Report Monthly and Quarterly financial records to General Manager. All Reports done within the HLR system
  • Provide updates and Reports and/or presentations to the General Manager and HLR Board, as needed;
  • Coordinate with GM and Ranch Services Manager to develop Annual Budgets and ensure Livestock & Agriculture Department meets projected financial revenues


The Manager is to Plan, Budget and Manage Capital expenditure projects related to livestock and agriculture.



  • Coordinate with GM & Maintenance department to ensure Livestock & Agricultural equipment and vehicles are maintained in an appropriate manner
  • Coordinate with GM & Maintenance department to ensure Livestock & Agricultural facilities are maintained in an appropriate manner


Understand and/or have the ability to learn the water sources, pipelines and ponds on the Ranch to ensure water rights are maintained and utilized in an efficient manner for Adaptive Grazing


The ability to:

  • Plan, design, implement, and supervise a robust water system that will allow for the herd to grow to match grass growth
  • Identify and select cattle that will thrive at the Ranch with minimal or no inputs
  • Observe and read nature to know if Livestock actions are regenerating or degrading the land
  • Move cattle at the right time
  • Select and establish paddock size and location based on forage and water availability
  • Graze a paddock at the right time
  • Adapt his/her grazing plan to current conditions
  • Handle the risks associated with implementing adaptive grazing in brutal environments
  • Provide short-term results (less than a year) in terms of soil health, perennial basal cover, perennial quantity and quality at least on the “low hanging fruit” areas
  • Layout a fence/herding plan based on water availability and terrain
  • Manage and troubleshoot electric fence
  • Obtain an inventory of existing water sources and their capacity
  • Prioritize the ranch areas based on their potential for investment
  • Measure results based on pounds per acre at a given cost
  • Implement stockmanship so herding can be used when convenient
  • Know the cost of running a cow per year and major inputs for the ranch
  • Monitor and adjust activities based on observation and indicators such as infiltration test, soil texture, pictorial evidence, cow manure, plant diversity, wildlife presence, basal cover, grass quantity, and quality.


Given that the Ranch has a Guest Service operation it is important that the Manager consistently collaborates with other Departments to communicate, introduce Eco-activities / Eco-Science Tourism activities, or suggest other interaction opportunities for HLR owners, partners and guests that the HLR lands can provide.

  • Performs other duties as assigned or deemed necessary by HLR GM and/or Board.
  • Pursue profitable ways to add livestock and agricultural activities that will achieve HLR goals.


  • Minimum of a High School diploma or GED Certification.
  • Physical ability to perform job tasks as required.
  • Ability to lead, communicate, develop, support and elevate livestock and agricultural staff in existing and new activities
  • Ability to communicate and learn Microsoft word; xls and other HLR communication tools
  • Ability to be proactive in the research of adaptive grazing and regenerative agriculture techniques and application of those techniques in an appropriate manner on the Ranch.


Position Type: Full-time, Exempt. Base Pay: $48,000-$70,000 (salary) DOE.

Work Location: The High Lonesome Ranch, Debeque Colorado.


  • Medical
  • HSA
  • On-Site Housing Is Available
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Leave Consisting of -Vacation, Sick, and Holiday
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k Vested Matching
  • Revenue Sharing

About the Property:

The High Lonesome Ranch sits along the spine of the continent on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. A national park-scale landscape perfectly situated to help connect large ecosystems, we are right on a key habitat corridor. We are working to restore, conserve, and steward a large western landscape, which contributes to a western wildway for wildlife to roam and thrive that stretches from Mexico to Canada. A private conservation organization founded over 20 years ago, we are addressing the challenges of stewarding this landscape for habitat connection while we still can and encouraging people to use it. With mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks, and alpine mesas at an altitude that ranges from 4,000 to 9,000 feet, the ranch is home to diverse wildlife and provides a vast playground for sports and wilderness activities.

We want guests to share our landscape. Our mission to restore this ecosystem and conserve this swath of land while inviting use of it is only one of the things that sets us apart from other ranches. The High Lonesome Ranch continues our mission of restoring and conserving this iconic landscape for the land itself, for the wildlife, and so all of us will still have wild places to go and play. Outdoor enthusiasts are conservationists at heart. We invite you to join us.

For more information about the property please visit:


Forward cover letter & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

High Lonesome Ranch - Colorado

The High Lonesome Ranch - Colorado

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