Maintenance Assistant needed at Remote Salmon Hatchery in Kodiak, Alaska

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Kitoi Bay Hatchery

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Afognak Island, Kodiak, AK
Job Type
Full Time
$20-$25/hr DOE
Date Posted
April 11, 2023
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Maintenance Assistant for Remote Salmon Hatchery in the Kodiak Archipelago

Kitoi Bay Hatchery is a salmon fry producing facility located on Afognak Island, Kodiak, Alaska. We’re an aquaculture outfit (as opposed to agriculture), and do what is known as “ocean ranching”. We release salmon fry out into the open range of the North Pacific and they return as adults to spawn. The bulk of the returning fish are harvested by local commercial fisherman.

The position is primarily hands-on; the daily caretaking, operation, maintenance, and repair of the hatchery physical plant. KBH has a permanent staff of eight, four biologists, two managers, and two maintenance personnel. The maintenance positions are similar to what you’d do to keep a ranch or farm running except that instead of livestock or crops, we’re producing salmon fry and working a “9-5” job for a company, with wages ($20-25/hr DOE), and health and retirement benefits. The ideal candidate will keep things clean and tidy and have the flexibility, adaptability, and accountability to execute a very broad spectrum of duties in various conditions.

This position is unique to offer a middle-class job in a remote, North Pacific setting. You’ll be living next to the ocean with salmon, halibut, whales, and sea lions in your front yard, and old growth, logging units, Sitka blacktail deer, Roosevelt elk, and especially Kodiak brown bears in your back yard.

There are a lot of folks qualified to do the job but we’re looking for a person and/or family that is also able to keep themselves occupied after hours and live at a quiet and remote site in a rugged North Pacific marine environment.

Salary: $20-$25/hr DOE with PTO, holidays, health insurance, retirement


If you or somebody you know might be interested in giving it a go, please contact me via email or phone.

~ Mike F.


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