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American Prairie Reserve

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Lewistown, MT
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Full Time
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March 18, 2020
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0-2 yrs

JOB PURPOSE: This core reserve team member will manage maintenance operations and support public access at three primary property locations: the PN, Antelope Creek, and Two Crow. Work will be in three functional areas: facilities and equipment maintenance, interface with public and lessees, and supervision of labor for campground hosts and reserve technician work.

Primary property location information:

PN (47,000 acres): 3 houses, 2 barns, 2 machine sheds, a variety of corrals, 2 public use yurts, 1 public use cabin, 4 unoccupied historic buildings, interpretive signs and kiosks
Antelope Creek (200 acres): 20 campground sites (12 RV, 8 tent), 4 cabins, one bathhouse, interpretive signs and kiosks
Two Crow (51,425 acres): 1 trailer home, 1 kiosk, 50 miles of roads


Maintenance of Facilities & Equipment (60%)

  • Develop and manage a year-round maintenance schedule for facilities and grounds keeping.
  • Perform preventative maintenance and basic repairs on assets using skills in carpentry, plumbing, minor electrical, HVAC, fencing and off-grid energy equipment.
  • Complete routine maintenance on vehicles and motorized equipment. Schedule major repairs and tune ups with local mechanics and dealerships. Maintain related records.
  • Operate vehicles, equipment and tools such as 4WD truck, ATV, UTV, skid steer, snowmobile, mower, power tools and hand tools; as trained and skilled heavy equipment such as tractors, bulldozer, road grader, and dump truck.
  • Adhere to and enforce APR safety protocols. Use protective equipment. Report damage, near misses, accidents, and injuries.
  • Monitor signs and kiosks on all land units. Repair damage from weather or vandalism and install updated materials provided by the Recreation Director.
  • Perform landscaping and property maintenance including mowing, weed control, seeding, watering, and snow removal.
  • Assist the Asset Director to create operations and restoration plans for properties and structures.
  • Maintain public yurts & cabins in accordance with reservations in order to resupply water and propane, coordinate cleaning schedules, and provide routine maintenance.
  • Winterize Antelope Creek Campground every fall and open it every spring.
  • Travel 300 miles round trip to the northeast section of the Reserve four to six times per year to assist with group projects such as bison handling, habitat restoration, training, public events, and staff meetings.
  • Monitor conditions of roads, trails, and waterways. Keep Asset Director and Reserve Project Managers informed of any issues or projects requiring excavation.
  • Monitor function of wells, water lines, and associated electric sources.
  • Transport materials to and from Reserve sites and local towns, including purchases, recycling, and waste removal.
  • Purchase supplies and maintain inventory of spare parts and materials. Submit receipts and complete purchase reports by monthly deadlines.
  • Assist with fire control and suppression.

Interface with Public and Lessees (20%)

  • Add your content … Use good communication skills to engender support from the public for APR’s mission.
  • Greet visitors at the PN and campground and welcome them to APR.
  • Answer visitor questions about rules and access for recreation and hunting.
  • Respond to visitor requests for assistance with general issues at yurts and cabins.
  • Provide first responder assistance to visitors and call EMS as needed.
  • Assist with hosted visits, volunteer work, and public events across the entire reserve. Predicted frequency is four events per year.
  • Assist Recreation Manager and Visitation Coordinator to prepare work lists and supplies for annual volunteer work weekends.
  • Travel 200 miles round trip to the Two Crow unit bi-monthly to monitor visitor and lessee activities.
  • Maintain positive relations with the lessee staff residing in the PN lower ranch house. Respond to requests for general repairs at the house and outbuildings.

Supervision of Labor (20%)

  • Report complex maintenance issues to Asset Director. Coordinate schedules for repairs and supervise licensed specialists on site. Ensure that contractors complete work accurately, efficiently, and within budget.
  • Plan for project assistance and request reserve technicians and visitation staff three weeks in advance via the Asset Director.
  • Train and supervise seasonal campground hosts on facility functions and daily maintenance.
  • Direct efforts of reserve maintenance technicians on special projects and ensure compliance with safe work practices.
  • Communicate with the Visitation Coordinator to schedule staff to clean PN public facilities: 2 yurts, 1 cabin, and 2-story staff bunkhouse.



  • Enthusiasm for and positive representation of APR’s mission, goals, and culture.
  • Ability to problem-solve challenges of maintaining facilities/equipment in remote locations with hot and cold weather extremes.
  • Self-motivated work ethic with effective time management skills and ability to work efficiently on priorities.
  • Experience managing short-term projects including budgeting accurately on project plans and staying within the budget.
  • Ability to provide clear directions to and oversight in supervision of others.
  • Skilled communicator with ability to be hospitable to the public and respond accurately and effectively to inquiries and needs.
  • Grounding in safety regulations for job sites and ability to assess risk in public facilities; ability to exercise sound judgement to prevent injuries.
  • Trade skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, masonry. Basic level required; intermediate preferred.
  • Basic knowledge of gasoline and diesel engine upkeep.
  • Ability to work independently and travel long distances alone in remote areas.
  • Ability to safely navigate dangerous road conditions – poorly maintained, gumbo mud, and snow.
  • Ability to physically exert self, including lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds and 50+ pounds with assistance.
  • Proficient with technology and software using laptop and iPhone to manage email, calendars, timesheets, conference calls, expenses, databases, work orders, and map locations.
  • Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.


  • Familiarity with off-grid energy systems, including propane, solar, and wind.
  • Experience operating and trailering heavy machinery.
  • Wilderness First Aid training (certification provided after hire if needed).

EXTENUATING WORKING CONDITIONS: Role requires physically laborious work and exertion in variable and extreme weather conditions, at remote and isolated locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain. Requires exposure to and use of hazardous equipment and tools and frequent driving including on hazardous roads and terrain. This position requires working long hours and/or evening and weekend hours in order to meet job needs.

To apply for this position, please submit a letter of interest and resume to our email.

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