Position Wanted: Active 22 yr old U.K. farmer seeking 2-3 months Cattle Ranch Work in USA ~ No Salary Needed

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Ben H R

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Full Time
No salary needed
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August 27, 2022
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2-5 yrs

Please read in full as this is a very unique job advertisement.

Hi my name is Ben, I’m a 22 year old dairy farmer from Manchester England. Extremely active, no allergies or medical conditions, not a smoker, no criminal record, clean U.K driving license, religious and have been with horses my entire life .

About me
I’m looking for an opportunity to experience the ranching life out in America, it has always been a dream of mine to experience this way of living. I’ve seen many dude ranches and ranching holidays where you “work” for roughly 5 hours of the day. NO this isn’t what I’m looking for, I’m looking for the genuine authentic 8+hour days, where we finish up sweating, sore and covered in dirt !!.

At my current job I’m used to working 10-12 hour shifts sometimes longer during the harvesting season and am accustomed to hard work with some weeks working without a day off.

I’ve always been an extremely active individual, l regularly go to the gym and compete in numerous sports, on some occasions competing for my country across the globe, although I still haven’t been to America. When I’m not competing I try and get out to the nearest national park and go fell walking. I consider myself a punctual individual and have always prided myself on my time keeping . I have always been a family oriented individual with a very strong belief in putting others before myself I am of the catholic religion and every year I voluntarily travel abroad to help old and sick people on pilgrimage.

In terms of my experiences, being a farmer I have worked for the past five years with British Fresian dairy cattle, Angus and shorthorn beef cattle and sheep as well as all the day to day jobs round the farm such as fencing, crop maintenance, tractor driving and a little bit of mechanical work. I’m very used to working independently and as a team in many different scenarios, I’ve worked on small farms with 40-50 cattle as well as larger farms with Up to 800 animals.

What I’m looking for

So as I have said above I want to experience what life is like in the American countryside on a ranch, ideally working with cattle and horses. I’d love to learn how to wrangle and help with moving the herd, cattle driving etc. I’ve also also wanted to go to a rodeo!. I’m a capable horse rider and can be in the saddle for long periods of time.

I’m willing to work extremely long hours, pretty much do any task I’m able, along with the early starts and late finishes that would be expected of me. Throughout my time with you in America I will work for free and don’t expect any kind of financial recuperation. All I ask for in return is 3 meals a day and a roof over my head (a bed, bathroom and one or two electrical sockets) and the odd day off so I can go off exploring. I’d also like you to teach me the western way of life.

I’m very sorry if I offend anyone reading this advert but my American geography is not the best. I’m willing to go anywhere across the United States but ideally would prefer somewhere surrounded by forests, lakes mountains etc. The states I’ve seen like Montana and Wyoming look so beautiful. (there are probably many places In many different states I haven’t seen online that are just as nice so if you are from one of these places please do get in touch!!).

In terms of availability any time from March onwards is easy for me, I’m looking for a minimum of 1.5 months work with a maximum of three. This opportunity is really important to me and could be the deciding factor of a potential move to the states to pursue this way of life, thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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