Position Wanted: Cook/Gardener/Child care help

Posted in on December 14, 2017

Elizabeth H.


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Job Type

Part Time


Description :

Hi, I’m just putting this on here but not sure of future.

I’m a single mother with children relocating to Montana/Wyoming/or Colorado. I’m looking for a job of cooking/cleaning/gardening/or child care that’s part time, or sporadic. My motive is to expose myself and children to the ways of ranch life, and also for protection. I figured if I had a few cowboy friends, they might would scare away my abusive former husband if he ever bothers us again. Just teasing.

Really, I’m looking for work, and want to do what I love. I’ve grown up cooking from scratch, but not just perfect at it. I grind my own wheat, make bread from scratch etc and pretty much anything you want. I’ve also worked in a greenhouse for a long time, as well as vegetable and flower gardens. I have done cleaning jobs too, with my children’s help. I have done many years of child care (was certified to do special needs children), and elderly care. So looking for child care jobs as well.

Really, I’m looking to see if there are places that would want me to come cook, or other work, for a day or week at a time. I have a 17 year old son who’s a hard worker too, as well as my other children. They all help good and work with me. Thanks!!! Just trying this out for fun. I’m not sure exactly where we’ll be relocating, but thought I’d see all the areas that respond to this and then decide.

Your Current Location (City/State/Country):: Utah

Phone:: 705-358-0664
Email:: [email protected]

Type of Employment Desired:: Part Time
Experience Horseback Riding:: 1-5 Years
Experience Cow/Calves: 1-5 Years
Experience Roping: None
Experience Calving: 1-5 Years
Experience Fencing: 1-5 Years
Experience Cook/Chef: 10+ Years
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: None
Experience Front Office / Administrative: None
Need Room & Board?: Maybe
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado