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Full Time
Date Posted
November 23, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Hello, I am seeking a camp/management position with my wife and young daughter. I was raised on a farm with livestock and cotton. I have a life time experience of operating tractors and caring for livestock.

I am easy going, ride for the brand, and I take pride in my work. Some well repair experience, minor mechanical skills, welding, fencing, able to operate heavy equipment, been sitting horseback for as long as I can remember, able to care for large amounts of cattle, acute understanding of livestock health, and caring for big country.

Will give special consideration to outfit that would compensate my wife for cooking, housekeeping, yardwork, driving the feed truck, or any other ranch jobs she is involved with. She also has computer skills.

Housing is a must, and would prefer health insurance. We have three horses , and 2 well behaved dogs. Would prefer to stay in Eastern New Mexico, North or West Texas, or southwest Oklahoma. Would consider other places for the right offer.

Résumés and references available upon request.

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