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John M.

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September 26, 2023
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2-5 yrs

Howdy all,

About two years ago I found an incredible opportunity through these classifieds and would love to see if I can repeat that.

I’m an early-30’s male with an extensive outdoors and athletic background, education in literature/psychology/Spanish. I come from the type of family that might post on here looking for a discrete caretaker for a vacation property or similar, but the way life goes, I’m out on my own seeking a humble, rewarding life with a right blend of hard work, contemplative solitude, and some time to write and explore the surrounding land. I am willing to move almost anywhere for the right fit. Life is a constant adventure and learning experience.

I have some experience with horses, heavy equipment, and general construction, but I would never advertise myself as instantly self-sufficient in all the above. Instead, I would say I’m extremely comfortable around ranch and rural duties with a refresher or a bit of time to educate myself on the needs of your property or projects.

I have a seven year old catahoula hound dog, a paid-off vehicle, and plenty of understanding in people’s needs and goals with special parcels of land.

My preference would be anything from an equine therapy property to a conservation-minded ranch to a large parcel that mostly requires luxury vacation resort style upkeep and service. I am not the right candidate for a traditional cattle operation. I am an extremely trustworthy person to steward your property, engage in as much or little conversation as desired, take care of the logistics of a second home, etc.

Life goes a number of ways, and for me, it’s gone the way of having little tying me to any one place. My possessions are minimal, my curiosity and adaptability are vast, and I have a sincere appreciation for all landscapes and terrains on our beautiful continent. I’m an exceptionally fit hiker/cyclist/general outdoorsman who can go well above and beyond typical physical requirements of hard outdoor labor. I am also well read and sober minded and prepared to offer a rare combination of mind and body to an employer who understands the value I can bring to their operation. If all goes well, I’d love to say that I wrote one (or more!) books while in residency at your property. If housing is not provided, my hope is that salary and other requirements reflect that.

I know this is a somewhat non-traditional posting, but I did meet some very wonderful people through my last go at finding the right fit. Looking forward to talking with you.

Willing to Relocate: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, California, Tennessee, Arkansas, etc.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

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