Position Wanted: Experienced Ranch Manager seeking Long Term Position

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Ranch Manager

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Willing to Relocate
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Full Time
Date Posted
March 26, 2020
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Experienced progressive rancher looking for long term management position. Experienced in many areas, including calving, doctoring, culling, haying, irrigation, welding/fabrication, equipment operation, personnel/asset management, budgeting/forecasting, etc. In addition to my experience, I also bring a family with me as well as some personal animals and assets.

I am a firm believer in sustainable and profitable practices, as well as low stress handling techniques. Over 20 years experience. I prefer to be hands on and autonomous as much as possible and would consider a management role for an absentee owner.

I would prefer to stay within the Great Basin area, but would consider other options.

*If you use 4 wheelers or calf tables, I probably wouldn’t be a good fit for your operation.*

Interested parties may contact me to discuss details via email. Please keep in mind that we currently live in a remote location and access to internet/cell service is not always reliable. I will return emails as often as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

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