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Stephanie B.

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April 25, 2020
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0-2 yrs

Good day folks! My name is Stephanie. I’m looking for a job on a ranch or farm. Would like a permanent job If available at end of season work if seasonal. I grew up in Virginia but travel many places after that. I’m currently in Arizona but willing to relocate anywhere.

Some history to myself. I grew up with mustangs and rode extensively from 7 to 25 years old. I was part of the fastest drill team on the east coast. I took whatever horse I could get my hands on and rode it. I would trail ride the mountains up to 30+ miles a day to galloping race horses 25+ miles a day. I worked construction for my first job for five years with family. Then in ‘07 I started working with racehorses. I would clean stalls, groom horses, ship horses, gallop horses, drag the track, spread manure, you name it, I done it.

In ‘09 moved to Maryland. I groomed horses and galloped on the track. I traveled with my three head from New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, West Virginia and back to Maryland. Trainers I worked with were Carlos Garcia, Stephanie Nixion, Leatherberry, Hamilton Smith, Trimbeta to name a few.

In ‘11 I worked for Christopher Hitchcock at Double Diamond Training. He trained horses for three day eventing. I was head groom of 10+ horses at any given time. I groomed tacked and exercise them for the clients and trainer per orders. I also did farm maintenance for the owner. From fence repair, mowing, painting, Weedeating, clearing fallen trees on trails, tractor work and repairing field obstacles for the horses. I travel to South Carolina’s with trainer to work with the USA Event team. Then back to Virginia when the season ended.

In ‘15 I worked for Animal Air Service in Miami, Florida importing and exporting horses and cattle out of the Miami International Airport. I helped drive a five ton International hauling cargo crates with horses and cattle to and from the plane on the tarmac. Cleaned and sanitized aircraft after unloading animals per USDA standards. Unloaded animals into USDA for quarantine. Build and fabricate wooden cargo crates for shipping cattle and livestock in warehouse. Minor metal work making corner brackets for crates.

In ‘16 went back to school to for two year associates in Veterinary Science. Graduated in ‘18 with honors.

In ‘17 worked for VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. Kept hospital orderly and clean at all times. Assist in checking in patients once they are in a room. Stock and organize rooms and prep area as needed. Help with blood draws, fecals, nail trims, placing IV caths, and anal glands as needed. Check in and discharge boarders. Assist doctors and technicians as needed. Prepare animals for cremation after euthanasia. Run lab work if no technicians are available to at night. Assist in emergency situations. Reconstitute vaccines and prepare vaccinations for veterinarian. Set up fluids and set up fluid rates per doctors orders. And much more.

In ‘18 worked for Davie Ranch as a Ranch Forman and Camp Counselor. Manage all animal aspects of the ranch. Animals included in care were guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, cats, dogs, chickens, peacocks, ducks, donkeys, goats, miniature horses, dairy cows and horses. Maintain farm cleanliness and all repairs from pluming to fencing. Made and maintained a new feeding regimen for all animals for their current workload. Taught lessons to clients on horse riding, maintenance and care. This facility catered to the public as a place to host weddings to birthday parties. The facility needed to be in impeccable in cleanliness to the point that you did not smell any feces from any animals.

In ‘18 volunteered for search and rescue during hurricane Florence in North Carolina with Pender County Animal Control. Help with the locating and removing of animals from flood waters. Including livestock to small animals.

In end of ‘18 moved back to take care of two family members who were diagnosed with cancer. In their passing moved to Arizona.

In ‘19 worked for White Mountain Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician. White Mountain Animal Hospital is a mixed animal practice. We see exotics to cats to dogs, all the way up to cattle and horses. Assist doctor with getting rooms ready to surgery to dentals. Ready rooms for doctor. Draw up vacs for doctor as needed. Take vitals of patient. Clean and stock rooms. Make sure surgery is clean and stocked after every surgery. Monitor patient during surgery and assist patient in recovery afterwards. File, chart and put in charges for client. Clean hospital and barn as needed every day.

Well-rounded in all aspects of small and large animal care with extensive experience in equine management. Competent in minor veterinary care (vaccinations, IV; IM injections, wound care), Transportation (loading onto trailer as well as driving truck & trailer, Grooming (basic as well as show, includes leg wraps and pulling or braiding manes/tails and body trims for horses), and Experienced with all aspects of breeding from handling sire/dam to handling newborn. Competent In use of small to large hand tools. Competent in minor carpentry and metal work. Know how to change oil, belts, spark plugs, water pump, alternators, tires, breaks and other minor repairs on vehicles. I can ride western or English. Prefer western. Can repair barb wire, field fencing and wood fencing. I’m not afraid of a longs day work. I have always wanted to work with cows and horses for the rest of my life. The city scene isn’t for me. I have always been a backwoods person. I own my own truck and have a Valid driver’s License. I’m a US citizen. I speak English and a fair bit of Spanish.

If you read this far, thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you.

Stephanie B.

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