Position Wanted: Farm/ Ranch Hand, Management, Seasonal, or Long Term

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Job Type

Full or Part Time


Description :

I have over a decade experience working different areas of ranches and farms.

What I am looking for is a ranch that has challenges and difficulties. Also would be nice to be able to apply what I know and improve and make a long term commitment. Not just with working with cattle but also farming. I can still calv and work cattle but more so now interested in farming working ground and on equipment due to health. But everything has a season and willing to jump into other areas as needed.

* I can operate equipment from swathers, tractors, bale wagons and everything else in between.

* I can also repair and resurrect almost anything out there even if its been written off.

2 years ago I resurrected a bale wagon in 2 weeks in time for hay season.

Welding repairs,

* I have taken and reattached frames, hitches, loader arms when they break on a Friday and its a week to get a new one and have to get work done. I have taken on a lot of breaks where experienced welders and shops said wouldn’t work and in the end it held up and worked. I took a cast pintle hitch on a feed wagon in montana and re-welded it. it held without issue in rough terrain under load.

* I can cut hay,

* Plant fields with no till and surface seeders,

* Run plows and disks, take soil tests,

* Repair pumps, irrigation, pivots, run and move lines and service irrigation equipment as needed whether its hand lines, flood, pivots or wheel lines.

* I have run bailers, small square, big square and round with or without electronic monitors.

* Moved and hauled bales.

* Most equipment I can service and work on including diagnosing electrical problems.

had a john Deere 4 years ago with no lights and 3 attempts by the dealer and by 2 mechanics couldn’t find the problem. I offered to help pulled the diagrams and in 2 hours had lights going.

* I can calv and work with cattle, doctor, pull calves, rotationally graze and manage fences.

* I have some riding experience but due to my back throwing a saddle myself is out of the question. would just rather use a 4 wheeler but I know a horse is the only option in certain terrain and willing to go out and ride. I dont spend a lot of time on a horse but would like to learn and work with horses more.

* I have worked on feedlot setups dealing with yearlings and calves, and older cows.

* Experience with registered stock. mostly Angus.

* I have worked with range cattle and know how temperamental they can get especially when confined in a coral or when tagging, weighing and giving shots to there calves.

Now if you expect me to apply what I know and save yourself a lot of costs contracting out I expect a percentage on some things, especially when it comes to major projects. This is only fair, I have been taken advantage of to many times and simply wont go down that road again. And being most ranch and farm hands cant do this work or know very little it should be a advantage for anyone.

Things I can do to be discussed

* I can weld weather its stick or wire feed. I also have my own welder. Day to day is 1 thing, getting into corrals or major projects is another.

* I can operate heavy machinery when needed to take care of problems, from excavators to dozers, loaders and everything in between.

Again day to day maintenance is one thing major construction is another.

* I have managed ranches and farms

* I also have over a decade experience running business and managing.

* I have provided consultation for soil management and field rotation on farms and ranches over the years.

This includes instruction on mob rotational grazing. 1 day pasture rotations have proven to yield 2 to 4 times the amount of head per acre and dramatically improve organic matter while reducing the dependence on chemicals. This includes dry land. 1 day pasture rotations are not really practical starting out. So starting with a 1 week rotation plan is always easiest. This is knowledge few hands or ranchers have in this country and something I am willing to work with a farm or ranch on. But if youre able to double youre return there should be a percentage given back.

Field rotation and planting is another area I am experienced in, taking soil tests, analyzing soil type and determining the best farming practice to help get the soil back into better production. After 5 years production and yield go down and over time plant spacing’s decline. This is true on pastures. The simple task of no tiling a pasture can add 1/3 to 50% increase in yield or more simple by the fact you have increased plant densities.

I also have a background in electrical, plumbing, concrete, and carpentry.

Most hands don’t have this experience. Which can save a farmer or rancher a lot of money.

I also have ran my own fencing business nationally over the years to help veterans.

So when it comes to fences there isn’t much I don’t know.

Basically what it comes down to is that there really isn’t much I can’t do on a farm or ranch. if I could I would buy my own ground and go at by myself but thank our former president and regulations for making that impossible. so I am here looking for a good offer.

most of the time when I get hired on for a basic job, it quickly turns into running around a service truck, fixing everything that breaks, operating equipment when needed, fixing fences, moving cattle and so on. Most of the time working by myself. unlike most hands calling it quit after 16 hours and waiting till the next day to fix broken equipment. I get out there that night even after a long day and makes sure its up and running by the time they fire up and head back into the fields. there have been times when I have been stuck working 4 days with only 3 hours rest, it happens and it is what separates those that are committed to getting the job done and those looking for there checks. most ranches I have worked on cover anywhere from 20 to 60 miles from the ranch in all directions and over 20,000 acres.

a few things about me, I have several health problems from iraq, including a bad back and low oxygen. so when it comes down to blowing down equipment or where theres a lot of dust, I generally will leave it up to another hand to tackle those jobs. easier and safer for me. I have to wear protective mask when around a lot of dust. with my back I still can safely manage 50 pounds and if need be up to 200 pounds. but I a always use equipment when available to take care of the heavy lifting. I am not one to tolerate bullshit, laziness, arrogance, and to me I don’t care if there a ranchers relative, son or daughter. if they knew not to do something and simply don’t care and cause a major break or problem and simply go to the bar for the rest of the day because 4 hours is enough work and its not there problem to fix. I have and will continue to have something to say. an example is breaking 1 rake from texting and not watching then I get to go fix that after being up for 18 hours, get stuck on fire watch that night because there now to drunk to work then the next day blowing a bearing and spindle on another wheel rake after being up for 40 hours to just turn around and find out another kid broke another piece of equipment from falling asleep. this has happened several times. When working on ranches. yes things do break but theres a big difference between negligence and Recklessness and something being worn out.

Currently and for last several years have built livestock fences around the country and have taken contracts on ranches and farms from time to time as things get slow. I have been doing this to help other vets but have been forced to move on from this.

more information pictures and information about me and work I have done at mlgco.com and nexgenfence.com

On wages I really won’t consider anything less than $2500 per month but goes by the amount of work expected. So don’t bother calling and offering $500 a month.

IF you’re wanting to get into selective skilled areas there will be a percentage added to the monthly. This is only fair to me and yourself. If I could double the return on something why should I be stuck on a base wage while a person makes a hundreds of thousands.

On contract seasonal can discus wages.

I am not new to ranching and have been thru the wringer to many times.

Also would be nice to find a ranch with water, a creek, or irrigation. Got a lab that’s a good service dog and gets depressed when can’t find water and only shit ponds. He went for a swim in a pig pond last fall. Took 3 months to get the pig smell gone. He is good with all livestock and dumb as they come around cattle.

Phone:: 509-387-1482
Email:: [email protected]

Type of Employment Desired:: Full or Part Time
Experience Horseback Riding:: 1-5 Years
Experience Cow/Calves: 5-10 Years
Experience Roping: None
Experience Calving: 5-10 Years
Experience Fencing: 10+ Years
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: None
Experience Front Office / Administrative: 1-5 Years
Need Room & Board?: Maybe
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: Mt, id, wy, ne, sd, nd, wa, or,