Position Wanted: French Stable Hand / Groom looking for a way into the Ranch Life ~ Willing to relocate

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Silvin P.

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Willing to Relocate: MT/ID/ND/SD/WY
Job Type
Full Time
Not picky, learning the ropes is enough for me.
Date Posted
August 4, 2023
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs


I live in southern France and am craving a change of lifestyle.
Being surrounded by open spaces, wildlife, cattle, people whose lives are hard, but meaningful and true.

My country is nothing like that, i can’t drive anywhere for more than 15 minutes before entering a town or village.

People tend to be fake, and blind to the real cost and nature of what they own and consume.

I myself spend my days walking around my hometown, enjoying every chance i get to pass through some unhabited parts, doing some camping in the woods. The more crowded the place i am in, the lonelier i feel. I want to live in a place where that stops.

I have been around horses from 5 to 18 years old, owned one at my property for a while too. Because of difficult life events and choices., my life pretty much came to a halt ever since those years, i am 34 now.

The one single thing that currently drives me to go through all the mountains of bulshit and paper pushing that my country loves, is the goal to go and live in the ranch lands. I want to learn working with cattle, and not just watch youtube videos of it. I want to go to cattle or horse auctions. I want to be part of a world that knows what having meat on a plate means, what it necessitates from the humans and animals . I also want to learn the things you do outside the work. Hunting and fishing are the two things that come to my mind and i really want to get into but i’m sure there is more you do, and i truly wish to learn it.

What i will bring for you is my devotion for the animals, i respect them truly, they feed us or empower us, so we have to care for them.

Horses are the animals i am familiar with, i have been around horses again recently, but the european school of riding isn’t for me, i don’t see horses as a tool for sports. If i ride a horse, it’s because i need him, not to use him for “meaningless” activites like dressage and what not.

I am very patient with animals, i observe them, try to read their language (noises, head movements, tongue licks), i watch horsemen channels, trying to pick up as much knowledge as i can.

I am very curious, and keen to learn. My range of interests is pretty vast, but i like being taught by passionate people, not reading a wikipedia page, or other soulless methods.

I am very ethusiastic and pleasant to be around, i listen and am interested in what people want to share with me.

I truly think i would be a great trainee for a ranch hand job, in the meantime i can take care of the horses, clean the equipment, stables and pretty much anything that would be needed of me, even outside of the horse stuff.

I am mostly looking for a remote place to live in and in the northern parts of the US (i can’t stand the heat) also a bit of a mountain view would be nice but i can do without. The states like those that come to my mind are Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Finally, to work for you i would need to be sponsored for a visa or greencard at some point, however i can afford to come to the US on a tourist visa for a bit. That way you could have the opportunity to assess me before having to commit.

If you are willing to put your faith in me, and give me this lifechanging opportunity; i would be eternally grateful.

It would take me a few months i think to put everything in order before i could come over.

Thank you to anybody reading my words. Have a great day.

Au revoir.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

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