Position Wanted: Guest or Commercial Ranch Management Position

Brice M.

MT / WY / CO
Job Type
Full Time
Welcome performance pay. $40-75 K w housing; $50 + without.
Date Posted
September 20, 2019
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Healthy 50-something Midwestern businessman and horse trainer seeking management role on guest/commercial ranch in the MT/WY/CO area.

BS Degree in Ag Econ from Purdue, decades of experience on farms, ranches and two tours as wrangler on guest ranches.

Basic mechanical/equipment/construction skills, excellent management, customer relations, finance, marketing skills. ideal role is full-time, year-around, live-on-site role.

Train/start colts, farrier skills, strong communications skills, plus experience with HR, legal, accounting, regulatory affairs, livestock, tax, etc.

Not afraid to do manual labor. Quick study.

Salary: Welcome performance pay. $40k-$75k w/ housing; $50k + without.

[email protected]

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