Position Wanted: Head Wrangler/Barn Manager

Posted in on November 30, 2018

Nick D.


[email protected]




Willing to Relocate

Job Type

Full Time




Description :

Currently seeking a head wrangler job at a guest or family ranch. I have extensive background in horse care and barn management, most recently on a guest ranch in southern Colorado.

My experience has been focused around natural horsemanship. I have over 5 years experience with guest ranch customer service in a barn setting-leading trail rides, matching riders with suitable mounts, teaching individual lessons and much more.

Like myself, my significant other has extensive horse background and previous guest ranch experience. We would love to find a location with a job for a couple, but that is negotiable for us.

Phone:: 828-308-7657
Email:: [email protected]

Type of Employment Desired:: Full Time
Experience Horseback Riding:: 10+ Years
Experience Cow/Calves: 1-5 Years
Experience Roping: 5-10 Years
Experience Calving: 1-5 Years
Experience Fencing: 5-10 Years
Experience Cook/Chef: None
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: 1-5 Years
Experience Front Office / Administrative: 1-5 Years
Need Room & Board?: Yes
Salary Range:: $2,400/month
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: All