Position Wanted: Highly Experienced Ranch Hand looking for work in NE Texas or mountains of New Mexico

Morgan A.

[Lorna] (307) 751-4885 or (307) 751-6696
Willing to Relocate: NE Texas, West Central New Mexico
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
April 5, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

I am a highly experienced ranch hand who is looking to move from Wyoming to NE Texas or New Mexico Mountains, preferably in the Catron County area. Ranch raised, CDL, familiar with both commercial and registered operations, feeding, sorting, doctoring, calving, branding, tattooing, freeze branding, vaccinations, DNA testing, some welding, light and heavy equipment operation, extensive fencing and some irrigating. I am NOT looking for a cowboy job, but rather a ranch job that uses horses for cattle operations.

I believe the fastest way to work cows is slow and we don’t eat until the animals are taken care of. We are also comfortable on horseback in any and all types of terrain, having experience in extreme mountain conditions as well as prairie.

We do require housing and will come with 2-3 horses and several pets along with a camper trailer and horse trailer. I am able to provide excellent references both professionally and personally.

S/O is also a seasoned hand, ranch raised with an extensive medical background (on humans), who would be willing to jump in 1/2 to 3/4 time. Her employment is NOT a deal breaker!!

We are looking for a long-term position with a good wage and insurance at the least. Beef would be great as well.

Please feel free to contact Lorna via phone (it’s calving season and my service is very unreliable). This way, I will be sure to get the information and I will contact you ASAP. Or, you can email.

[email protected]

[Lorna] (307) 751-4885 or (307) 751-6696

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