Position Wanted: Husband & Wife seeking job as Caretaker, Bailiff, or Manager for a Lodge, Ranch, Private Property

Houston & Heidi

Willing to Relocate: Wyoming
Job Type
Full Time
$50,000+ based on JOBD
Date Posted
June 29, 2022
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Husband and Wife seeking a team job as caretaker, bailiff, or manager, for a lodge, ranch, private or corporate property, or second/third home to oversee the comfort and care of the property, owners, high-end guests, manage contractor/vendor relations, operations, property assets, and resources.

Houston grew up on the Waggoner ranch (Vernon, Texas) and helped work/manage his father’s horse ranch near Ft. Worth. He’s prior military, worked as a successful customer service leader for a 200+ staff organization, and has worked off and on in the hospitality industry (cowboys, cooking & history) for over 20 years. His servant’s heart and an eye for customer service will represent leadership’s vision well. He has experience in emergency management, fire & emergency medicine, dignitary protection, security & risk management, vendor management, leadership, teamwork and training, and project management. He is a problem solver with basic maintenance and facilities management skills and is always willing to learn more. He teaches campfire cooking, has guided outings (horseback & ATV), overseen activities including archery and shooting, and done cowboy-themed corporate training and retreats. He volunteers as an instructor for the National Wild Turkey Foundation’s “Women in the Outdoors” program and he works with a group of ranch owners and other guides taking guests who’ve never hunted wild hog hunting.

Heidi is a former Paramedic/Firefighter (10 yrs.) who has managed a women’s health and wellness business with 25+ private clients for over eight years. She has several certifications in health, wellness & nutrition and is a personal trainer and former massage therapist with a passion and success for helping others achieve their personal goals. She’s worked successfully in that space for over 15 years while also managing businesses. She loves interior decorating, landscaping her flowerbeds and yard, and teaching.

We are a loyal, strategic, and submitted couple who’ve been married for over 14 years. We love the snow, cold climate, the outdoors, cowboy culture, and helping others. We have years of experience serving the concierge needs of high-net-worth clients. We are seeking to relocate to a cooler climate with mountain views immediately. We have professional, and life experiences few people have. Those experiences allow us to see opportunities and challenges with a different level of anticipation, wisdom, and expertise.

We’re looking for an owner/operator we can connect with to grow their vision. We’re seeking a long-term opportunity at a tourist or resort area or an individual or isolated rural location, possibly with housing provided.

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Resumes, character and work references, and photos are available upon request. Please feel free to email, text or call.

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