Position Wanted: Husband & Wife seeking Long-term position as Caretakers for a Ranch, Estate or Private Property ~ Ready to Relocate

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Alana & Arthur

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Willing to Relocate (CO & VA preferred)
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Full or Part Time
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May 11, 2023
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10+ yrs

Thank you for your interest in our professional services!

We are Alana and Arthur, a mature, loving, joyful, and caring couple and experienced property caretakers (over 10 years). We are looking to work for a private individual or a family, or a second/third home property to oversee the care of the property and manage contractors, vendors, operations, property assets, and resources for both live-in and/or absentee owners.

In us, you will have experienced, responsible and committed professionals making maximum efforts to serve your needs and provide you with peace of mind and security. We are healthy, non-smokers, non-drinkers, drug-free, with clean driving records, and very fit in mind, body, and soul. We love living close to nature and animals, and we tend to the land with green methods.


Over two decades ago Arthur was a successful private High School teacher in the New York and New Jersey area. He pivoted his career path in the early 2000s, becoming an award-winning audio engineer and executive producer for a very profitable recording company and retreat center in central Virginia.

Since meeting Alana in 2011, he has pursued a very enjoyable career in property management from Virginia to Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and most recently, Colorado again. Two of their jobs had residential responsibilities combined with commercial businesses.

Arthur is creative, resourceful, hard-working, and very attentive. His eye for detail will represent a client’s vision well. He is a problem solver with a wide set of maintenance and facilities management skills, and he is always willing to learn more.

He is passionate about working with nature and in every property we managed he has added his own personal touch, creating beautiful landscapes, paths, water features, and resting places. He approaches new situations with a curious mind and a disciplined attitude. Most people describe him as a very diligent, responsible, and courteous hard worker whom they are happy to have around. He is capable of working well as part of a team as well as being a responsible self-starter.

Besides his excellent practical skills, he is also great with animals. Arthur also has great “situational awareness” or intuition, and his ability to act proactively is top-notch, making him excellent security for a property.

Some of Arthur’s skills:

  • Property supervision, maintenance, and security.
  • Provide coordination and assistance for cleaning, construction, and renovation projects.
  • Snow and leaf removal, grass mowing, weed and brush trimming, and fire mitigation.
  • Lawn and pond maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and gardening; plant propagation and care. Greenhouse work.
  • Basic building repair and handyman skills. He is not afraid of heights and will work on roofs, scaffolding, and climb trees if a job requires it.
  • Can operate a tractor, zero-point mower, chain saw, weed-eater, brush-trimmer, snow-blower, and snowplow truck, and is always eager to learn new machinery.
  • Capable of learning new tasks and skills as the job requires it.
  • Computer operation, maintenance, networking, and social media skills.

In his spare time, Arthur loves to sing karaoke, do photo and video editing, write poetry and prose, mentor others in spirituality, and exercise and hike the great outdoors.


Alana has had experiences running a thriving art and antique retail business in Virginia with her late husband and managing the business on her own as a single mother raising two boys. Also, Alana has great experience in homesteading, having built one herself. In the past ten years, Alana has developed two very successful careers: a personal assistant and property manager, and a practitioner of spiritual healing arts.

She is a vivacious, strong-willed, kind, and driven individual who loves to take care of all those around her; always looking for ways to keep things organized and running smoothly. She has a background in management, innkeeping, bookkeeping, child development, homesteading, care for arts and antiques, and wholesome cooking. Whatever the task may be, Alana can be relied upon to be organized, intuitive, efficient, and proactive; when she understands the big picture, she sorts out the details herself and doesn’t need to be micro-managed. Alana loves beauty, order, organization, and neatness and prefers to work with people of similar values.

Alana loves to learn new skills and acquired a great many of them in her life:

  • Property detail, organization, maintenance, supervision, and security – if something needs organizing, Alana will amaze you with her talents.
  • Staff supervision; vendors, suppliers, and contractors coordination.
  • Daily expenses, finance, and budget management, implementation of record-keeping filing systems.
  • Boutique hotel and retreat center management: booking, guest admissions, billing, bookkeeping, and correspondence.
  • Personal agenda, correspondence, and communication management.
  • Local and international travel arrangements.
  • Event, vacation, and meal planning.
  • Energetic clearing and balancing of the land, homes, and businesses to positively influence clients’ health, finances, business, and relationships.

In her free time, Alana loves to paint and create textural art, travel, discover great coffee shops, test new recipes, garden, sing, and dance. Alana loves Nature and loves to work with Nature to find balance; she uses only green gardening, household, and cleaning supplies.

Together, our extensive array of skills offers ample benefits to any property. Our experience with managing an off-grid retreat center has also primed us for handling unusual situations with grace and strength. We hope to find an arrangement that gets us closer to our goal of having our own homestead one day or living on one that feels like our true home, while also helping others along the way.

Combined skills:

  • Plumbing: faucet repair, fixture repair, drain maintenance, showerhead maintenance, caulk repair.
  • Wall maintenance: hole repair, priming, and painting.
  • Window maintenance: inspection and basic repair.
  • Floor maintenance: carpet, wood, tile, and linoleum cleaning and basic repair.
  • Roof maintenance: gutter cleaning and basic repair.
  • Locks, hinges, rods, door knobs repair, and installation.
  • Landscaping: grass mowing, leaf, and snow clearing, weed and brush trimming, and grounds maintenance.
  • Computer maintenance, operation, networking, marketing, and social media skills.
  • Property supervision, maintenance, security, and organization.
  • Personal and travel scheduling, bookkeeping/accounting.
  • Employee, vendors, and construction coordination.
  • Event, vacation, and meal planning.
  • Energetic clearing and balancing for the land, homes, and businesses to positively influence clients’ health, work, finances, and relationships.

What we are looking for:

Our ideal situation will be a long-term position (10+ years) that provides beautiful on-site housing with utilities and great internet access in addition to salary and some benefits. We prefer to work as Independent Contractors rather than Employees and to have some time in a week to ourselves to pursue our creative passions. We would love to work in a rural setting in lush nature, with clean water access on the property (creek, river, lake, pond), preferably surrounded by forest land or other large, private lands. Currently, we don’t have any pets, but if we stay with you for 10+ years, we would like to have a German Shepherd or two.

We are willing to work hard using all our skills, gifts, and talents, and to enjoy a slower-paced, more simple lifestyle in nature. It’s important for us to be around people who align with our values of personal freedom and liberty. Our philosophy is that if you take care of your property caretakers, we will happily take care of your land, home and you as if you were our own. We believe that we will be matched up with the right opportunity soon!

Housing Desire:

Preferably 2 bedrooms or more, spacious, mold-free, on-site, or very close by to the property we manage.


A combined salary of $60,000 + for a live-in position, and $84,000 +for a live-out position, and it is negotiable depending on the job description, living situation (live-in or live-out), and other benefits offered.

Personal Note:

Hello Perspective Future Employer,

We imagine that you are here in search of mature, hardworking, trustworthy, friendly, and just overall lovely individuals, who you can entrust with your property or your life’s work.

As a couple, we are experienced professionals and have enjoyed a blessed life that many would consider “successful” because of the love we share together. We are two magical, dynamic, and magnetic personalities. We have been and done much with our lives, and now that our children are grown and on their own, we are looking forward to fulfilling our own dreams.

We would love the opportunity to work and live on second/third property, a ranch, or a farm, and take care of all details preferably for absentee owners or owners who use the property several times a year, as we love a simple, quiet, yet productive life. We also would be perfect for a private individual or couples, small or large family because we know that we can contribute greatly to an already established business or lifestyle that is in need of good, hardworking, conscientious, and caring individuals with multiple skill sets. We have unique professional and life experiences few people have had. Those experiences allow us to see opportunities and challenges with a different level of anticipation, wisdom, and expertise.

We know you are out there looking for us and we hope that this website is the vehicle that will connect us!


Respectfully, we would like to disclose that we are not COVID vaccinated and will only work for an employer that doesn’t mandate its employees to get vaccinated (now or in the future) or enforce policies where customers/guests are required to show proof of vaccination/testing.

Willing to Relocate:

We have two preferred locations – Colorado and Virginia, but for a great fit, we are willing to consider all states.


We look forward to hearing from you! Our resumes, references, and photos are available upon request. Please feel free to email, text, or call.

We would be honored to be a part of your team if we determine the resonance between us all, and know we will add tremendous value to manifest your vision for your property and life. We would love the opportunity to hear more about your specific needs and share details on how we can contribute.

Thank you very much for your consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.

Alana and Arthur


” We have a beautiful luxury home that requires a great deal of professional tender care and 4 acres with many gardens and lots of maintenance – upon our return from extended travels in Europe our home and grounds were in perfect condition!”
– J. B., Executive Life Coach

” In terms of personal responsibility and character, you could not ask for two better people to live in your home and steward your property.”
– D.S., International Realtor

” Alana and Arthur have been very respectful of me as well as my home, land, and business, including helping keep the home meticulously clean along with organizing and dispensing with unneeded items. They both have a lot of energy as well as diligence in embracing and completing the tasks assigned. In addition, they have been an important personal support to me in many ways.”
-J.F.K., Native Plant Propagator

“Arthur and Alana are doing a fabulous job of keeping our homesteads safe, and cared for:
-the roads have been tricky and Arthur gets down there to hand shovel and push the snowblower, clearing parking places, cleaning up after the tractor and plows, and making sure the road is usable.
-They are keeping track of snow weight and constantly clearing rooftops, and stairways. And much more.

“It is so great to have them here this winter! They keep me company too, I needed that. OMG, what would I have done without them???!!”
-C.B, Multi-property management

Alana and Arthur

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