Position Wanted: Husband & Wife Team seeking Ranch employment opportunity in Arizona

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Brad & Karen T.

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Date Posted
January 8, 2023
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Our names are Brad and Karen T.:



We are a retired couple living the full-time RV lifestyle looking for a part time / full time position, meaning to live on site full time working in a part time capacity. Hours to be discussed and agreed upon.

Brad’s skill set:

I am retired as a machine builder working in an R&D machine shop for 25 years. I was a machinist, toolmaker, fabricator, welder, millwright. I am familiar with the many steels and metals needed in many industries. Working in a R&D shop calls for a mind that can problem solve and create solutions for the many projects presented. I carry a welder which allows me to do many projects made of steel. I can design and fabricate many things, to solve problems and create a better work flow.

I am handy at building not only with steel but also wood,I like working with wood creating unique projects, carpentry, light electrical and plumbing. I am on the fussy side of how things look and function.

Also being mechanically inclined I can do many maintenance items with automotive equipment. I also can operate heavy equipment and have the ability to learn on any machine that I haven’t been on in short order how to operate it. I will dog any problem till it is solved, being very resourceful.

I like working outdoors in most any weather except brutal heat. I am handy with concrete building and repairing stone walls, fences, etc.

I also have two Stihl saws as I am quite familiar with the use of them and enjoy the hard work of cutting and splitting cord wood. When we had our own house I built our own wood stove. I like the burning of wood to stay warm and all the work it entails to do so.

I also have many many hand tools including many cordless power tools to do most any job.

I would like a position with around 30 hours plus or minus.

Karen’s skills and work experience:

Since being full-time RVers, I have worked in campgrounds (both private and National Forest) making reservations with Astra and Hercules software and can quickly learn other reservation software. I have also worked front desk and counter sales at various gift shops and camp stores, including handling money. I have good interpersonal skills with both customers and co-workers. I have cooked in a small family owned restaurant. I have at various times worked in housekeeping when needed.

I have also spent a lot of time working outdoors in gardening and grounds keeping. I have cared for animals including chickens, dogs, and a small petting zoo.

I have taught yoga for 12 winters where we stayed on BLM near Yuma, Arizona. I am also fairly fluent in Spanish.

Previous work included office management, software training and supervising a technical writing department at a manufacturing facility.

I would like a position with around 30 hours per week.

Other interests and qualifications:

We like to work out three times a week in the gym (usually in the gym by 6 am) and believe in staying healthy and in good shape. We are carnivores eating beef every day and have found this diet very rewarding in health benefits. We take no medications nor indulge in recreational drugs and do not smoke. We have no illnesses to contend with.

We believe in presenting ourselves in a clean and professional manner.

We work with old-fashioned work ethics, integrity, are conscientious and trustworthy, respecting those we work for and their property.

If you are not better off for having us work for you then we have not done our job.

We do not wear masks or take vaccinations, so would like to be with like minded folks.

We do see world problems coming down the road and prep the best we can and can also share what we know and work together for possible scenarios.

We would like a position that offers housing so we could eventually sell our motor coach but would also consider keeping it and make it our full time living quarters depending on the area.

We would like to reside in a state where there is no salt used on the roads unless you can provide a second vehicle as I don’t want to destroy our nice 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser. If in the Southwest a higher elevation would be more suitable to escape the summer heat.

Previous post retirement positions while on the road as RVers:

We have had a job on a 6,000 acre ranch in southern Arizona where Brad would maintain the wind mills that would pump water for the 150 head of cattle in various places on the ranch. Also would mend fences and other necessary projects to help keep the ranch operating.

Have worked for a couple of concessionaires as host in National Forest campgrounds in Utah and New Hampshire.

Have worked six seasons as maintenance in an RV park/campground in Maine, our favorite place in the summer and now for sale.


Bruce & Shirley Powell, Stony Brook Recreation, Hanover, Maine, our favorite spot and great folks, where we worked for 6 summers and 1 winter.

Bruce 207-557-2845
Shirley 207-557-2392

Glen Kunst, friend and pastor. Lives in Berlin, New Hampshire.

Dan Richard, our boss for five years in the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.

Troy Morris, owner of Raptor Ranch in Valle, AZ where we worked summer of 2021.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

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