Position Wanted: Husband / Wife Team seeking Ranch Management position in Wyoming (preferably)

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December 14, 2023
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10+ yrs

-Why are we looking for a new Ranch Manager position?

For the past 8 years, I (Jesse C.) have worked as Farm & Ranch Manager alongside my wife. This is a family owned operation in WY, owned by my family who all live in CO. The Aunts/Uncles have decided to now sell the family operation and will be listing the farm & ranch in a few weeks.

We are now looking for our next place to go.

-What is our timeline for finding the next job?

We do not need something immediately and are not in a rush. We have agreed to stay here and continue to manage the place until the farm sells.

BUT, the family did give us their blessing to leave sooner, should we find the right opportunity. We are currently networking and would love to explore possibilities that may be a fit for us.

-Our current position as Manager…

My wife and I’s current role has been to oversee yearly and day to day planning & execution of all haying & crop land operations, irrigation systems (10 pivots including gaited pipe), cattle, grass leases, as well as managing grazing operations including outside custom grazers.

My wife and I have attended multiple schools in the pursuit of gaining more knowledge in how to effectively manage a farm and ranch to be profitable & enjoyable using a holistic and regenerative approach.

Our goal has been to become a low input operation, improve soil health by introducing plant & livestock diversity, create productivity and longevity, while also becoming profitable.

Listed below are schools I and my wife have attended-

• 2022- Holistic Farm & Ranch Management- Finding Balance
• 2022- Sell, Buy, Marketing with Wally Olson (cattle)
• 2023- Ranching for Profit
• 2023- Holistic Farm & Ranch Management- Regenerate

*My wife also attended an IMG school in 2020 (Instinctive Migratory Grazing)

We are both proficient in yearly planning, prioritizing tasks in a timely manner, being effective working on the business, being open-minded to new ideas, as well as working alongside of each other day in and day out.

We have a very high degree of work ethic & have the capability to continue pushing ourselves to improve our operation and continually challenge our way of thinking.


  • Holistic Farm &Ranch Management with a regenerative approach mindset.
  • Managing all aspects of cattle with an all-natural herd health approach and low stress style of stockmanship
  • Pasture and grazing management with a holistic approach.
  • All cattle aspects- doctoring, calving, moving etc, done horseback
  • Irrigation experience including pivots, side rolls, and flood irrigating.
  • Haying and cropland experience including alfalfa, corn, & cover crops.
  • Operation and maintenance of heavy machinery and farm equipment.
  • Fencing, corral building, and new water infrastructure knowledge & skills.
  • Customer relations, guide and guest interaction experience.
  • General Office Skills, including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel etc.

*We are very familiar with, and comfortable with living in a remote area, and prefer to do so.

We are ages 38 and 33 and have no kids. We would love to stay in WY if we can.


Alongside training horses on the ranch, we are both archery elk hunters and we both love to snowmobile. We use any/all days off to enjoy the outdoors year round!

-What is most important to us?

  1. Quality of life-in the form of flexibility/time off
  2. We work hard and especially push ourselves in the spring and summer so we can enjoy as much of September off for archery elk hunting & time off to visit our nieces/nephews/and parents who live in CO & MN.
  3. Continuing to ranch- with a holistic and regenerative approach.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being a very low-input cattle operation… calving on green grass, calving heifers out on pasture with the cows, not pouring or vaccinating the cows etc.

We hope to find an operation that shares this mindset, or an operation that is looking to make some change and/or moving in this direction with an open mind. We are happy to share everything we have tried, and the changes we’ve made since managing this place in 2016.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

Mallory & Jesse

Mallory & Jesse

Mallory & Jesse

Mallory & Jesse

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