Position Wanted: ISO Ranch Hand / Manager Position

Filled / Expired

Charlie S.

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Willing to Relocate: CO, WY, MT, NE, KS, OK, ND, SD, MO, MN
Job Type
Full Time
$40,000 +
Date Posted
May 20, 2020
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

My name is Charlie S., I'm 24 years old and I'm from Germantown Wisconsin. I have been working on a large beef farm in West Bend, Wisconsin for 5 years now, but am looking for something different. I love cattle but would prefer to work with grazing cattle rather than in barns. My responsibilities over the last 5 years are as listed.

  • Cattle feeding
  • Cattle health management (herdsman)
  • – – Vaccinations
  • – – Castration
  • – – Dehorning
  • – – Implanting
  • – – Walking pens
  • – – Treatment of sick animals
  • Sorting cattle for shipping
  • Trucking cattle between farms
  • Management of employees for bedding and working cattle
  • Bedding production/baling and picking up bales
  • Feed production
  • – – Dry Hay
  • – – Hay and Corn silage chopping
  • Grain crop production
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • – – Large Tractors
  • – – Wheel loader
  • – – Skid loader
  • – – Semi Truck
  • Equipment maintenance/repair
  • Welding/fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • Barn maintenance/repair
  • BQA/BQAT certified

I'm sure there's more little random things I've done but that's the main stuff.

I do not have very much horse experience but would like to learn if someone is willing to spend some time with me on that. I do know a little about breeding and calving, but the farm I was at is only feeders. I am very willing to learn though and I can quickly. I work really well on my own. When someone trusts me to get the job done and doesn't have to check in or watch me constantly, I get it done.

I am willing to move a ways from Wisconsin, but would probably need housing if that's available.

Willing to Relocate to: CO, WY, MT, NE, KS, OK, ND, SD, MO, MN

Thank you for your consideration.

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