Position Wanted: ISO Recreational Property Caretaker / Manager

Filled / Expired

Ronnie C.

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Willing to Relocate: SD, WY, Similar
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Full Time
Date Posted
February 28, 2020
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Seeking opportunity as ISO of a recreational property caretaker (year round position).

I have strong communication skills and work ethic. I have a versatile back ground with habitat management, planting food plots and shelter belts, building and grounds including mowing large volume grass, pouring concrete, carpentry etc. I have numerous years of guiding at a five star pheasant lodges and also guiding quail hunts with pointers in the South. I have trained more bird dogs than I can count and I enjoy the off season conditioning/exercising.

I have experience with Sporting Clay’s and European tower type shoots. I’m experienced and enjoy predator control to include trapping coyotes and beaver along with calling with rifle. I have worked with horses, buffalo and whitetail management. I have worked with release birds and private fisheries and I enjoy both Fly Fishing and boat fishing for trout Walleyes.

My personal interests include Lewis and Clark Journals and Expedition and Native American History. My favorite book is Undaunted Courage. My prior work history includes prior service US Army, Infantry and after included working with a private sector company doing Catholic Protection Projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Missouri River Dam Systems and USAF AFBs. I also work in the Energy Sector as a Land Specialist for Tribal and Trust Lands and High Valued Infrastructure Security.

My wife will be retiring in the near future from the BIA as a GS 14 Information Specialist and was a Realty Officer prior to her current position and is open to part time work or would be just as intent just sitting by the fire pit at night and listening to George with a cocktail. lol… My wife and I are a low maintenance and very active couple and we have our own health insurance.

We’re open to relocate to SD, WY or similar. We currently have 4 fully trained Yellow Labradors that are both higher end working dogs and family. We both thoroughly enjoy the country life style and being outdoors. So remote locations are okay.

Posting on line is new to us but we wanted to check what opportunities are available. Thanks and we look forward to hearing back from you.

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