Position Wanted: Looking for Long-term Employment on Ranch, Farm, Campground, or Guest Ranch

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Will & Ria W.

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Full Time
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September 7, 2019
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Will & Ria W.

Seeking work: Ranch, Farm, Campground, guest ranch, care taker, hunting, private, CDL

Background Info

PROS: 30 year contractor, owned own company (framing, tile, sheetrock, taping, painting, siding, roofing, plumbing, minor electrical, fences, decks, and construction equipment) welding, CDL trucking and harvest, maintenance. Milked cows, care of farm animals, owned horses, Maintenance Supervisor at Thousand Trails campground (to Corporate, left shoe did not know what right shoe was doing). Great humor and easy to laughter, honest, loyal, handshake still means my word!
CONS: Not like working in cold as much, a break in duties would be nice or down South in warmer weather, just not solid preferably.

PROS: CDL, owned own business 10 years (machine shop for aftermarket snowmobiles); bought machinery, raw metal, marketed, hired, fired, traveled world, ran machines, traveled to shows. Worked 3 years training and wrangling horses on 4 generation Montana horse ranch for performance horses, drove OTR long haul 5 years, love driving farm equipment, loader my favorite and gps in tractors, 2.5 solo old school Pete & beep-beep, harvest, drove farm equipment, want to learn more, favorite is loader! Old school cooker, baker and can goods, garden, doctor animals, put together events, troubleshoot, like to know how things run and fix them! Love challenges, in the middle of nowhere or helping guest have an enjoyable time! Have full knowledge of computers, spread sheets, word, writing, etc.
CONS: Dislike mean people, victims, no use to me as life is what you make it! Put few pounds on trucking, need labor to get back in shape!

We are looking for a long term employment have driving truck last 5 years! Loyal, honest, have your back. Don’t know something, no problem asking and fast learners what we don’t know. We will treat you with respect, as to do the same! We have no problem working long hours in, “The season”, but please know we need a quality of life too. We bow hunt with the family the last weekend in September so, sorry, family time and our idea of organic meat is a staple this week in the North Fork, Salmon, ID. We come complete with 2018 Dully and 5th. wheel. Rated for snow, but not Montana kind!

HOBBIES: hunting, riding, golfing, fishing, fly-fishing, sitting by the campfire with old and new friends.

Willing to relocate: Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico and open to other possibilities

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