Position Wanted: Married Couple looking for Ranch Job

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Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
$3,000 /month
Date Posted
February 20, 2024
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

Married couple (can be work for both or just one) looking for a ranching outfit. Looking for something reliable and steady. No guest ranches. Remote is perfectly fine. Have teenage children that homeschool. Have experience running just about everything, able and particular about maintenance and upkeep of equipment. BQA certified and prefer ranches that also adhere to low stress handling. Not looking for a cowboy outfit but open to a mix of both. I’ve done a little calving, haying, doctoring, pre-conditioning, winter feeding, branding, irrigation, water lines and repair, infrastructure etc. I’m mechanically inclined, can weld, military/ems/fire background also. I work well in a team or solo.

Wife is also BQA certified, proficient horse back (has own horses), has a strong customer service AND accounting/bookkeeping background. Is able to doctor, feed, sort, brand etc also.

I am looking for a family friendly outfit. One with housing for a large family, ok with pets and personal horses (2). If you are wanting an employee that will treat your ranch like his own, give me a shout. We are looking for long term and permanent. Prefer to stay in the Montana/Wyoming area but will look at other states in the area (Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada). Please comment and I will pm/email with resume, CV etc.


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