Position Wanted: Married Couple with 2 Daughters Looking for New Pastures

Ky & Sam

Job Type
Full Time, Year round
20k-50k or work for rent
Date Posted
June 7, 2024
Housing Needed
5-10 yrs

Hi there. We are a married couple, Ky and Sam, with two daughters aged 12 and 13. We are looking for a new ranch or farm to work and live on.

Sam grew up on a farm, and Ky has quickly adapted to farm life. We are responsible, quiet, and very hardworking. We can provide animal care, buturing, birthing , gardening, fence repair, tractor work, small engine repair, maintenance, carpentry, cleaning, organization, road work, and logging. We are both go-getters and aren’t scared to get dirty or do what needs to be done, 24/7.

Our kids are homeschooled, quiet and well behaved. They have lived on a farm most of their life and are well adjusted. We are willing to relocate. We’d love to join a ranch or farm that needs some good, hardworking folks. Ideally, we’d love to bring our two well-behaved horses, two Nigerian goats, one lamb, two kunekune pigs, chickens, and our indoor cats (although we are willing to rehome them).

We would love to caretake for property or be part of a growing farm.

Thank you for reading.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

Ky and Sam

Ky and Sam

Ky and Sam

Ky and Sam

[email protected]

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