Position Wanted: New Zealander looking to work in America

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Jonah P.

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Willing to Relocate - any USA state
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Full Time
Date Posted
April 12, 2022
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

I am a 23 year old male with 4 and a half years dairy farming experience and worked with horses for one season also. I am currently assistant manager of the farm I am on and have been for the past two seasons.

I have experience in feeding out bales, silage and general tractor work. I am fully capable of day to day running of the farm and managing staff. I have experience in pasture management, effluent systems, calving and all ins and outs of the dairy season.

I am wanting to make the change and travel to America to pursue farming as I have here. I do currently live in New Zealand but am advertising as I want to find a job in America that I could travel to, start work and grow.

I am hard working, reliable and loyal. If you are wanting to know more please feel free to email.

Kind Regards,


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