Position Wanted: NZ Young Rider Wanting Ranch Hand/ Wrangler Position

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Helen K.

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Taupo, New Zealand
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January 16, 2017

Hi all,

I am a 19 year old young rider from New Zealand and I am wanting to gain a position in USA/Canada as a wrangler/ranch hand. I have ridden English all my life and I am a very confident experienced rider.

I am currently a horse trekking guide and head groom at a hunting and fly fishing luxury lodge in Taupo, NZ but sadly due to my lack of experience in schooling the horses, they have had to hire someone new. I am confident and experienced in riding and handling horses but I am not so much in the line of schooling them but I have owned 4 of my own and worked in riding schools and Riding for the disabled and have completed equine studies.

I am really hoping to gain western riding experience and as I have done horse back guiding, I am hoping I can gain a position similar. I am happy for my boss to be contacted for references etc and I can provide many more. I can also provide photos and videos of me riding horses. I am really awesome with guests and I have had extremely good feedback on my customer service and personality. I am also extremely willing and reliable. I am available any time from now on wards, I would need to sort my visa and sell my current horse but this is no problem. Look forward to hearing from anyone ! 🙂 I am happy to hear about any positions whatsoever.

Experience Horseback Riding:: 10+ Years
Experience Cow/Calves: 1-5 Years
Experience Roping: None
Experience Calving: 1-5 Years
Experience Fencing: None
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: 1-5 Years
Need Room & Board?: Yes
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: All

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