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Scott & Assata

Willing to Relocate
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Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
June 9, 2024
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Let’s create the right culture.

Hello, my name is Scott P. and my fiancé’s name is Assata G.

I have nearly 15 years of experience managing teams, crews, negotiating contracts and executing on management goals. My operations, production and social media management experience will not be matched by anyone on a ranch. Plus, I am a phenomenal shooter and editor for social videos.

My property and ranch management skills boast; horsemanship, operating tractors, spreaders, skid steers and all general maintenance tasks. I built my own 40’ school bus conversion (https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=8TXoPYaTMui) into a tiny home.

And once you’ve had to plumb and run electric inside of a metal tube as your home, you learn to adapt to your construction environment rather quickly.

I can be of use in so many ways around a large property or by enhancing its digital footprint.

I also have experience supervising construction projects professionally, and crews along with my decade plus experience in negotiating, finalizing and overseeing 3rd party contract bids.

Together, Assata and I are truly an exceptional couple with bright positivity, capabilities and fit physiques.

**Please read further and get to know us. We may be included in your future best decision.

We want our work to involve animals and create magical experiences with good people. We want to focus on valued work while deepening our relationship in a place where we can thrive emotionally and mentally. Assata is one of the best women alive. Her inner child remains curious and excited. She is the favorite Aunt of every single one of my nieces and the loan nephew. One day, when we settle on a place and buy our land, we hope God blesses us with children of our own. Assata is a gem and exceptionally passionate about healthy living and childcare.

She is remarkably impressive in the kitchen; leading the dream of one day owning a small homestead and Bed & Breakfast. Our passions live inside the wholesome, encouraging a genuine, positive and fun culture anywhere we go.

Assata is a Lead Preschool Teacher by current profession (until I uprooted her to OH), and a master cook with waitressing experience as well as fast-food front and back of house services. She is not a stranger to stressful or overwhelming environments and exudes an adaptable energy and mindset to handle responsibilities.

Some excerpts from her most recent cover letter:

“My devotion and commitment to children blossomed early, taking on the neighborhood’s babysitting jobs and creating camp-like activities for the children on my street all summer long. I career in education was perfect to put my love for childcare to use! I attained a degree in Early Childhood Education, all while substituting at public elementary schools throughout my county. I wanted the chance to be more involved in the creation of the curriculum and lessons; I decided to transfer to private school. Being responsible for my classroom and its educational direction, then seeing children thrive, solidified my confidence in teaching. I was able to work individually with each child and their parents to come up with activities, some play-based, some academic, that not only allowed the students to reach their personal and educational milestones, but to also flourish alongside their peers in the classroom. I took every opportunity to further my own education, obtaining multiple (available upon request) certifications and awards along the way.

I am also an exceptional cook who takes great pride in sourcing my ingredients and am constantly experimenting and creating phenomenal new dishes.
Cooking, serving and general dining experiences are all dear to us and we thrive in social, customer facing interactions.”

My (Scott) dream has always been to basically to be a cowboy. Joking, but sort of.

Covid gave me the window, attitude and opportunity to start to pursue it.

However, my career has been deep and versatile, all based on operations management.

At the start, after college; I jumped at the opportunity to work a week-long labor gig. I was cleaning up the last of the construction mess at a new NBC television studio, going live in ten days. My hard work and positive attitude got him noticed and he was asked to join the production house full-time, as their coordinator.

I left NBC a year later as an interim production manager.

I moved to Los Angeles looking for more work. This could turn into pages and pages of antidotes so I will attempt to keep it simple. I began my reality TV career as a production coordinator for Mother Knows Best – with Joan Rivers.

Side note: Joan Rivers is the classiest woman I have ever worked for. Actually, her and Jerry Springer are neck and neck for the classiest of all-time title. Shockingly, both were the most down-to-earth, respectful and appreciative bosses I have ever encountered.

After coordinating a few more shows, I became a production manager again. Then an associate producer, story producer, post producer, field producer, senior field producer, line producer, supervising producer and once even, a director; for a car build show on velocity network.

In 2015 I was in a nasty motorcycle wreck that left me in a coma, and waking up with a spinal fusion. I’ve recovered what most would call; miraculously well. I’m currently a crossfit athlete, fit and more capable than most.

Post-accident I returned to work exactly 60 days after the crash. I moved to Seattle, and I began a six-month contract as a consulting COO for a very successful youtube production studio. They offered me a two-year extension, which I turned down, instead spending the next few years back and forth producing big budget reality TV and overseeing operations and social media management for even larger youtubers.

Ultimately, I was unfulfilled and knew I wanted more for myself. Somewhere in the wilderness perhaps, but I wanted horses in my life.

A Texas opportunity got me out of Los Angeles in 2020, and I took a contract in Dallas. I was stoked, immediately seeking barns and riding lessons. Then, covid shut down production studios, leaving me unemployed.

I decided to leave media for good, and moved to Southern Illinois horse country, where I went to college. I gladly managed projects for a local construction contractor, and finally spent all of my spare time volunteering at a horse camp. I learned to ride, mucked, fed and generally became useful around the property fixing odds and ends or finishing years-old projects. The work for saddle time situation was a major score.

In late 2021 I moved to Petaluma, CA and acquired a position as a ranch manager at a senior horse facility, willing to teach me as I went. I took an online equine management course through UC Berkley and furthered my horsemanship knowledge. Only a few months into that seemingly dreamy position, personal reasons brought me back to the East coast, closer to family.

I was then offered something I never saw coming… A stable, medical field career. Something that would allow me to earn the means to our future. I began my work in hospitals, in the operating room, selling hardware and implants to surgeon clients; fixing broken bones. I’ve become an orthopedic trauma expert. My company asked me if they could move me to Dayton, OH. For me, moving has been a theme throughout a free-lance career. When Assata agreed that moving would be exciting; I accepted the promotion in January of this year.

Honestly, I am not meant to work in this ‘proper and professional’ environment. It’s actually not professional. It is full of fake, miserable people. It is political in work culture and it’s generally very much just, not for me. I want to be in the elements and challenged by nature while accomplishing difficult wins. I took my job for its job security and the good pay, which are both still true, but once again, I want more.

More for myself, Assata, and God willing, our future children.

My more is the same more it’s always been, and I don’t want to put it off any longer.

Assata and I are a very seriously committed couple. Neither of us have an argumentative bone in our bodies when it comes to one another.

Both of us would be ecstatic to help create and facilitate wonderful, lasting impressions on ranch guests or staff.

On top of her child care and culinary pedigree, Assata is also a capable carpenter and handy-man.

All we want to do is work for, and with good people, in a positive environment that appreciates our good, Christian values.

We appreciate your time reading this post. We hope to hear from you


Scott & Assata

Scott & Assata

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