Position Wanted: Professional Experienced Couple seeking High-end Property / Ranch Caretaking

Filled / Expired

Jason & Kristin

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Willing to Relocate: Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, Montana
Job Type
Part Time
Date Posted
November 25, 2023
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

We are a trustworthy, experienced, ranch and large property caretaker couple with references, seeking a remote property to look after in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, or Montana. We both have remote professional full time corporate careers, and therefore part time care taking is ideal. We love all critters and will take care of yours as if they were our own.


Top values: integrity, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, pride of work

Jason grew up in the outback of Australia, maintaining his family property, providing him with all-around handyman experience with the self-sufficiency required for the harsh and remote outback. He spent much of his formative years fixing machinery in the family shop, clearing fallen trees, performing general property repairs, and maintaining property vehicles. Jason spent months camping in the most remote areas of Australia, off grid. As a young man Jason earned multiple degrees in Engineering and has enjoyed over 25 years of success as a packaging engineer and manager, most notably 15 years with Simplot Australia. During this time he raised 3 beautiful girls and continued to pursue his passion for the solitude of the backcountry of Australia, kayaking remote waters and exploring the outback on multi-week offroad solo motorbike adventures.


Top values: honesty, loyalty, love, service, trustworthiness

Kristin grew up in rural upstate New York. Her passions are many and with that she accumulated experience in many disciplines throughout the years. Her love of animals drove her to start a dog-sitting business in junior high, and then pursue horseback riding beginning in high school and throughout adulthood, including owning and training two of her own. Her passion for hard work and the desire to help people had her as a volunteer firefighter, a big rig tow truck driver, a waitress, and the owner of a residential and commercial cleaning company during her undergraduate program years. After earning her degrees in the accounting discipline she has enjoyed over 24 years as a corporate accountant, most notably in a senior management role for the same small privately-owned company for over 20 of those years. During this time she raised a fine young man and continued to pursue rugged outdoor adventures such as remote kayaking, cattle wrangling, remote solo camping, and for several years residing in the remote mountains of Idaho where many days without power was expected, chains were required to reach the residence, the private driveway was plowed with an ATV, and offgrid living a necessary backup plan. Kristin also successfully launched two fitness-related e-commerce entrepreneurial ventures, working closely with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.

What we bring to you:

  • We are honest, ethical, and value the pride that comes with a job well done.
  • We seek to understand your goals for the care of your property and animals and exceed your expectations.
  • We understand and implement a “customer comes first” attitude with all we do.
  • We take pride in property maintenance and will ensure your property is carefully maintained to your standards.
  • We have experience in planning, establishing, and maintaining, landscaping and gardens.
  • We love animals and have experience with horses (ownership, care, exercise, training, riding both Western and English). We also have experience with dogs, cats, and a variety of other small animals. We currently have one sweet 13-year-old Labradoodle.
  • We pride ourselves on clear and open communication, and will provide reliable and timely reporting of finances, property maintenance, and general happenings.
  • We are experienced project and program managers and are willing to undertake the management and coordination of larger property projects, if desired.
  • We bring experience with oversight of contractors of multiple disciplines to achieve the intended outcome.
  • We’re non-drinkers, non-smokers, and no drugs.
  • If you find our values, experience, and qualifications to suit what you are seeking, we can suggest a Skype/Zoom video call to explore further.


Reach out via email at your convenience.

Jason & Kristin

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