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Sean B.

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Willing to Relocate (rural USA)
Job Type
Full Time
$75,000 annually unless housing is available
Date Posted
January 18, 2023
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

Hi! My name is Sean B. I am married and we recently had premature twins– a boy and a girl! My ten-year-old stepson is also in the mix! We currently reside in Ridgefield, WA. I took paternity leave to help care for the twins and upon returning to work, I was laid off. This was no fault of mine. The company is financially unstable and I was told to start looking elsewhere. So, here I am! I have done many types of jobs over the years. These range from my most recent position, being an expeditor for a construction company, to treating wood, repairing items, managing a fast food restaurant, etc. I am a jack of all trades! While I have dabbled in many types of positions, I have always circled back around to wanting to work on a farm (especially if there are animals). Which brings me here, applying for ranch/farm opportunities! If you have cattle or llamas/alpacas, my wife would be in heaven!

I am a personable, amiable man. I am fit and capable. I like to call myself young and spry! At the ripe age of 39, I feel like I am still physically strong and able. I am the type of person that will likely never retire. I love to work! Providing for my family and helping others remain at the forefront of my character. I also am honest, dependable, learn easily and will remain a lifelong learner. My wife supports and guides me along. We are an awesome team and I know that we would be an asset to any farm/ranch.

My wife and I are open to pretty much anything. If taught, or if I can learn it easily on YouTube, I am willing to do it all. We are open to selling our home and relocating for the right position. However, my daughter needs surgery at the end of January and we are located near outstanding pediatric care.

This means that I would not be able to start working/relocate for another month or two. If relocating, this would mean we would need help finding housing in the area or on the property. It also would require us selling our home, which generally takes a month. My wife had to step down from her elementary teaching position to care for our children, as one of them has some special needs and the other is homeschooled. Because of this, I need to find something that I can do (with her help, of course…she is the brains of the operation!) that will help us to become financially stable again.

I have experience with many things: forklift driving, driving a manual vehicle, fencing, cooking/restaurant management, lawn care, tree falling (not extensive), stall cleaning, bailing, etc. While I may not have numerous years of experience, I hope to! I am very responsible and when I say I will do something, I will. I communicate well and really like to put my best foot forward. With the right employer/company, I know this will be the best option for me and my family.


I can provide references for my work ethic and character references! Just ask! If you feel that me, and my family, may be a great fit, please reach out via phone or email at your convenience.

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