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Erik K.

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Willing to Relocate (preferably to Canada)
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Full Time
Date Posted
January 23, 2023
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

Hello I’m Erik, age 26.

I’ve posted this notice because I’m looking for a change in my lifestyle. I’ve done pretty any job imaginable: watering, catering, factory, teaching, instructor, etc…) My first job was in a factory at 16 years old. In the fall of last year I worked in Denmark in a food factory. There I meet a coworker, who introduces me, too, a local rancher. It was a family of two and a baby on the way so they needed help. I feel in love with the work.Taking care of horses, riding, grooming, stable work, feeding, fence work etc… because i could only work there during the weekends of my time from the factory, unfortunately they decided to find another person who could do a full work week on it.. But that’s not the only time I worked with horses; I learned as a kid form a local farmer to ride and to take care of horses and stables. Not only horses, but I have some experience with goats and sheep as well, that was back in Germany Eberstedt in 2019.

Currently I’m back in my country in Slovenija. I had the opportunity to teach guitar this past year to kids and adults alike. Now and during this summer in 2022, I worked in a rafting camp center. It was a lot of dynamic work, heavy rafts to lift and dangerous rivers to navigate; working as a team is not a problem for me and I learn fast.

During that time I visited my local rancher so I could learn some more from him. But that’s not all he needed something different from me. Me and some of my friends organized a concert like/singing circles festivals every week at his ranch. And yes, sometimes we did sing some country classics. Just being near animals and that kind of people brings out the best in me, I think.

I am single and I don’t need much. A room to stay in, a bed, some food, maybe some laughs after a long day, other than that I’m prepared to learn, grow and work.

I think it’s very important that this generation learns what our ancestors did, go back to the roots. The world seems very complicated in this day and age and i think the old ways don’t change. That’s also the biggest reason I want to invest more in this lifestyle and work.

Willing to Relocate (preferably to Canada)


I can give you more details on my history/experiences and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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