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Matt H.

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Pflugerville, TX
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Full or Part Time
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November 2, 2016

Hello, my name’s Matt H, I’m a 24 year old, single guy from El Dorado Springs, Mo. I’m currently working construction in Pflugerville, TX as an operator (excavator, backhoe, loader, tractor, skidsteer, etc.), but I’m looking for a job as a ranch hand.

I’ve worked around a few ranches/farms cutting firewood, bucking square bales, helping haul hay, mucking stalls, building barns/shops and other miscellaneous work since high school. I’m a very honest guy, and a hard worker. I have little experience working with cattle or horses, although I’ve always been around them and have no fear of working with them.

I would definitely be an entry level hire, but I’m a quick learner and I get the job done. If you’re looking for someone to train, I’m confident that I’m your best candidate. I’ve been doing real work since I’ve been old enough to. I’ve been a crane rigger, framer, roofer, I’ve done concrete, worked as a carpenter, done irrigation, grading, landscaping, logging, fencing, and I’ve also guided fly fishing trips among many other things. I’m safe, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty or get hurt, I love learning new things and I listen. To compare to athletics (I played football/baseball), I’m extremely coachable. I want to get the job done the way you want it done. I’m not too good for any job, in fact I started my current job “operating” a shovel, and still do some days.

I have a great family, but I wasn’t born into the cowboy way of life. My grandpa managed the MFA in town for 20+ years and my dad grew up on a farm, I’ve never really asked why, but somehow my cousins and I missed the boat. Honestly, this is something I’ve always wanted, I just haven’t got my foot in the door. I understand the risk involved in hiring somebody with no experience, and would do my absolute best to pull my weight, learn all I need to, continue to learn everyday, and do the job correctly.

I’m willing to travel wherever. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. If you’re interested feel free to contact me at 417-876-7924 or [email protected] at any time. Thank you.

Experience Horseback Riding:: None
Experience Cow/Calves: None
Experience Roping: None
Experience Calving: None
Experience Fencing: 1-5 Years
Experience Cook/Chef: 1-5 Years
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: None
Experience Front Office / Administrative: 1-5 Years
Need Room & Board?: Maybe
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: All

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