Position Wanted: Ranch Hand Opportunity in Texas (for 2 individuals)

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Matthew F. & Jodie T.

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Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
June 8, 2023
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

Hello, First off I’d like to open up with: this is two people looking for a ranch to work at.

We’re located in the DFW metroplex and looking for a ranch in Texas with housing available.

My name is Matthew F. I am a 20 year old who has experience in the Telecommunications field as well as some ranch hand experience. I have a very open set of skills that range from operating a forklift to Cnc Machining to welding. I have also been in Landscaping as well as a small 7 acre equine ranch. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the ranching community. I have been at my current job for 1 year 7 months. I was going to be the next lead man but decided to look for better opportunities because of limitations in the companies upward movement past lead man. I absolutely love working with animals. I am also a fast learner when it comes to anything hands on. I learned how to operate a CNC lathe used for engraving in about a days work, as well as finding new and Innovative ways to operate machinery for safety, quality, and efficiency. I have always been a big guy (about 6’2″ and 270 pounds). I also have massive desire to better myself and others. I want to work as a team with my fellow ranch hands and find new and innovative ways to help and work. I have been wanting to get back into ranching for awhile as I like to be able to wake up and never have the same day of work twice. I also want to be able to work as much as possible as hard as possible as I’m still young. I also come from a very respectful background as my grandfather was a Vietnam veteran and he played a key role in my development as a man. I know my lack of experience may be an issue for some but I’m always willing to learn how to do tasks and never have to be told multiple times how to do a simple task. I have very good morals and very strong work ethic. I also want to learn everything I can as we never know everything and can always learn to be better. I am very excited to hear back from y’all and hope to work for you.

My name is Jodie T. I’m 6’4 238. I’m incredibly hard-working individual I don’t like to leave until jobs are done as far as qualification goes on a ranch I have worked for my dad on his whenever I was younger. I retired from the Marine corps in 2017. I have worked multiple construction jobs and labor jobs to be fair I am no stranger to labor. I’m good at taking direction and understanding and learning from my mistakes. I’m an incredibly fast learner and really would like to work on a ranch particularly. I’m good at critical thinking I’m very much team player I’m not a fan of sitting still and becoming stagnant I always like to be moving and doing something.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

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