Position Wanted: Ranch Manager

Posted in on November 30, 2018

Zeke P.


[email protected]


(512) 760-1277


Willing to Relocate

Job Type

Full Time


$3,000-$4,000 / mo


Description :

I’m looking for a ranch management position. I can work with horses and cattle but I prefer to do ranch maintenance.

Looking for a position where I’d be responsible for welding, fence and road maintenance, vehicle and equipment repair and maintenance, hauling livestock, feed and equipment. Overseeing operations on the ranch, working with others as a team.

I’m looking for a live-in position. My fiance would live with me as well. She could work on the ranch or farm or get a job in the surrounding area. We are a team and she goes where I do.

Phone:: (512) 760-1277
Email:: [email protected]

Type of Employment Desired:: Full Time
Experience Horseback Riding:: 5-10 Years
Experience Cow/Calves: 5-10 Years
Experience Roping: 1-5 Years
Experience Calving: 5-10 Years
Experience Fencing: 5-10 Years
Experience Cook/Chef: 1-5 Years
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: 1-5 Years
Experience Front Office / Administrative: 1-5 Years
Need Room & Board?: Yes
Salary Range:: $3,000-$4,000 a month plus room and board
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: I’ll move anywhere in the US