Position Wanted: Ranch Managers / Caretakers Available (Couple)

Matt and Kellie H.

Willing to Relocate: UT, WY, CO, TX, MT, ID
Job Type
Full Time or Seasonal
$6,000-$8,000 per month
Date Posted
February 25, 2020
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

My wife and I are seeking a position as a couple in management or operations at a ranch or other guest operation. I led business operations for years for Baranof Excursions in Alaska, Snoqualmie Lodge in Washington, and Jacob Lake Inn at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. For the past five years I've worked in finance at large tech companies but we are looking to pivot to a different lifestyle.

We have two young children and are confident in our ability to balance life and work. I am an experienced handyman (plumbing, electrician, woodwork) and am as comfortable with any outdoor work as I am balancing business finances. I am comfortable around livestock but have limited experience with horses (growing up on my grandma's farm in northern Wyoming). I am a master gardener, an excellent cook and excel and creating wonderful experiences for guests, the same goes for my wife. My passion is flyfishing but all outdoors experiences hold a lot of value to me.

We are looking for a long term seasonal or full time role, if seasonal we plan to return year after year – long term roles only please. We would love to talk with you to see if the role you need filled is a good fit, please reach out to us!

Willing to relocate to: Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Montana, Idaho


Matt and Kellie H.

[email protected]


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