Position Wanted: Ranch Operator/Entrepreneur Looking For The Perfect Position

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Willing to Relocate: California, Texas, Oregon, Hawaii, Australia
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
January 8, 2023
Housing Needed
5-10 yrs

I am a ranch operator/entrepreneur with 5 years of management experience, an established direct-to-consumer beef business, and a successful consulting enterprise. I am seeking a new opportunity to utilize my skills and knowledge to help a ranch thrive and succeed – specifically a regenerative or holistically-managed ranch on the West Coast, in Texas, or in Australia where I can fold an existing beef and consulting business into the operation and where I am within half an hour of a town with at least 50k people in order to maximize educational opportunities for my children.

The ideal situation would be characterized by a family or organization that owns a large ranch, wants to see it evolve into something good for the future and the planet, but primarily spends their time off the ranch in other pursuits.

Due to my fairly well-known identity in the regenerative ranching industry, I am keeping my identity confidential at this time. However, my identity can be revealed at a later stage in the hiring process.

My strong background in animal husbandry, as well as my deep understanding of the ecological and business systems and processes involved in running a successful ranch, make me an ideal candidate. I am highly organized and proactive and am able to effectively manage and delegate tasks to a team. In addition, I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and am able to effectively communicate with both ranch staff and external parties. I am also a skilled networker, and I effectively establish beneficial relationships with the local community and maintain a strong reputation for the ranch.

I bring value from the soil all the way up to the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

I am self-motivated and able to work independently, as well as a team player who is willing to pitch in and help out wherever needed. I am able to work long and sometimes irregular hours, and am willing to travel when necessary.


Please reach out with a description of your ranch and why you think we might be a promising fit.

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